Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fat bug eyed bint gets £250K

Her father wallows in millions and plays golf each and every day, her mother sucks at the teat of publicity. They are the richest family in theUK yet have not earned a single penny for a thousand years.
Jade Goody would be proud

I have just cut the top off mt thumb



Rejoice! It's over.

Brilliant News. Now give us our fucking money back, you bastards

Flash Smoking Event

I like this idea.

At 5.45 pm tomorrow, under the clock at Charing Cross Station, just spark up a fag and then go quietly on your way.

What are they going do? Arrest us all?

Lots of details HERE


Kerry McCarthy MP, this morning

300 odd people have bankrupted an entire nation, purely to make themselves just a little bit richer

300 odd people have enslaved our grandchildren with debt, killed hundreds of thousands in the middle east, purely to make themselves just a little bit richer

300 odd people have raised millions of our children to be the most stupid, unemployable, arrogant fat bastards on the planet, purely to make themselves just a little bit richer

300 odd people have made this nation amongst the most hated on the planet, purely to make themselves just a little bit richer

300 odd people who really could have made things better for all of us, have made everything worse for all of us, purely to make themselves a little bit richer.

I give you New Labour.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Who?

The Lord President Speaks

The man with forked tongue addressed the nation this morning (Yea truly he is in charge) we are all being very silly, there is going to be growth, there is going to full employment, and porcine pilots.

You will all have rights, thats doublespeak for the State will be the guiding light in all things, and you will be serfs.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

All Roads Lead To Bristol

Mandelson You Useless Twat

While he is squealing with delight at being at the top of the 'Pink List' he is still selling the rest of British industry down the river with jobs, investment and confidence in hot pursuit.

HMRC are trying to claw back £200m in backdated taxes to fund the bloated State Sector.

Are you just incompetent or really are still a Communist bent on the destruction of British Industry

In a politically embarrassing development for the Labour Party, the letter to Lord Mandelson also has the endorsement of the Unite trade union – the first time it has backed protests over the port rates fiasco.

"The Government remains intransigent, ignorant of the facts and quite frankly seems not to care about the thousands of jobs up and down the country that are at risk," the letter says.

The rates row harks back to a decision last year by the Valuation Office Agency - an offshoot of HM Revenue & Customs - to impose additional business rates on port companies, backdated to April 2005.

HMRC is now attempting to claw back a sum believed to top £200m.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Absolutely Brilliant !

See Guido- MP's 'second' home has squatters

I Am Still Pissed Off

Dead Men Walking

In September The House of Lords will determine its decision on the ongoing OFT v All the Banks over unfair charging.( Last Chance for the Banks)

Listening to the commentators on the Banks Legal Team, 'They have given up' 'The Banks are dead men walking' 'The best they could come up with was the dire warning of what would happens to the Banks if they are compelled to refund all unfair charges going back to 1997 when the regulations came in.

If Labour are hoping that the economy is going to improve by the time of their conference, think again. The economy will implode as the Banks squeal for more of our money, and we collectively tell them to fuck off.

Brown is already preparing his exit strategy, I am going to teach ! FFS

Between now and the Autumn , the Banks will be calling in loans, restricting credit,driving businesses to the wall- waiting for the Armageddon to come in September.

Parasites kill Host

It had to happen. When you pay people to sit at home all day, guess what they will do?

We have now reached the stage where those who toil, those who sacrifice their effort, those who risk their own capital and their own time to earn money to finance their dreams are no longer able to finance those who choose to do fuck all.

The State now gives out more in benefits than the remainder of us can earn.

Deadly parasites are now sucking the very life blood from the host and are well on the way to killing it.

Education and the NHS take less than our army of bloated welfarers take in “benefits” to fund their idleness and buy their votes to keep 300 odd Labour MPs in comfy jobs.

300 Labour MP’s are feeding the parasites that are killing us a deadly £164 BILLION a year, stolen with menaces from hardworking taxpayers so that they can retire in comfort. They are stealing even more than we can earn and handing it out to the feckless just to keep their power, regardless of the consequences to our society.

Revolution time.

Friday, 26 June 2009

And Tomorrow Is Armed Services Day

I posted here recently of my attempts to get a flagpole erected in our town square, adjacent to our war memorial so that the British Legion could have a ceremony with a Union flag, and that other times of the year we could fly the cross of St George, the Town Coat of Arms, the Wessex Flag, the coat of Arms of our twin towns etc.

This morning I have resigned from the Civic group I co founded because I received an email from the Chairman, on the eve of Armed Services day. This is the salient line.

The St Georges flag had connotations of association with far-right politics and that they felt very uncomfortable about this-

They were uncomfortable on having a flagpole at all, they were equally uncomfortable with the £2000 cost would detract from the fundraising for the Christmas Lights for shoppers.

The British Legion are outraged that 'Tesco-think' is far more important than remembering the dead in current conflicts, and honouring the dead of two world wars.

To be told that my country's flag since 1545 has far-right connotations is an utter outrage, and anybody who has read my little duels with BNP supporters will know that I am not by any stretch of the imagination far-right, though I am not ashamed either of my English heritage. The easiest way that anything can be derided by these jokers as Dolly Draper tried is just to shout racist.

I have told the British Legion that I will carry on fundraising, £2000 is needed to get this pole up by November 11th.

If you want to help out with a donation please contact Guthrum through the Old Holborn email address. I am meeting the Legion next week, and I can then give details of which town, which Legion and where the money can be paid.

Should Your MP Go?

I've been contacted by the very nice people at should your mp go? who have a rather good interactive map showing where every MP and every troughing bastard is located, what they helped themselves to and a petition to boot out the bastards

Michael Jackson Joke Thread

Do your worst....

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Insulting the State

Poland’s Penal Code makes it an offence to insult the Polish nation, the president, foreign and public officials and has been applied fairly regularly. However courts have been reluctant to pass custodial sentences, applying only fines - stupid Polish cunts.

In Germany defamation of the President is an offence, as is insult to the Federal Republic, its states, the flag, and the national anthem. However, the Federal Constitutional Court, in 2000, notably stated that even harsh political criticism however unjust or unobjective, does not constitute insult of the Republic. - Stupid German cunts

In the Netherlands it is a crime to “intentionally insult” the King and certain members of the royal family. In a rare instance of application in 2005, there was an attempt to convict a protestor for throwing paint at the passing carriages of the Crown Prince and Princess, but this was changed to charges of attempt to cause injury. The most recent insult convictions were as long ago as the 1960s. - Dutch bastards

Other countries where there exist insult laws include France where the 1881Press Law makes it an offence to insult the President, courts, armed forces and other public bodies. However since 2000, the law was amended to remove the option of imprisonment, and now only fines can be applied Although the World Press Freedom Committee’s report notes that the Press Law has been invoked with increasing vigour, there have been no recent successful prosecutions. - French tossers

Italian law contains provisions that make it an offence to insult the republic, constitutional institutions, the armed forces and indeed the Italian nation, but there has been no successful prosecution since the 1950s. It is an offence to “offend the honour” of the President (and indeed the Pope) and there was one successful conviction in 2004. - Shit Eyeties

In Belgium and Spain, there are laws that make it an offence to insult members of their royal families, but in neither country have these laws been recently applied. Similarly laws in Portugal against insult to officials have not been enforced. - Twats

Let the fun begin

Now that Harm man wants us all to be equal, the fun can commence

No more Jews only Schools

To discriminate against a person on the ground that they were or were not Jewish was therefore to discriminate on racial grounds.

This is going to be fun

+++BBC Expenses published +++

Read and weep

I notice that Erik Huggers manages to hire a driver for £812 A FUCKING DAY (page 7)

Let us not forget that the BBC takes £291.1M DIRECTLY from the Home Office (ie YOU)

Cost of Government Day

Today is Cost of Government Day. Average taxpayers in Britain now have to work almost half the year – 176 days – to pay their share of the cost of running Gordon Brown’s administration. Every penny we have earned since January 1 has gone to feed the state leviathan. It is only from today that, at last, you have started working for yourselves and your families.

More than five months of our servitude – from New Year until May 14 – were spent working to pay taxes, such as income tax, national insurance, council tax, VAT and many others including the notorious “stealth” taxes. But all that effort was still not enough to feed the monster, and when he had run out of our money, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, had to borrow – at £20  million an hour – to pay his bills.

So for the past six weeks, day in, day out, we have been working to fund that borrowing. No wonder Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, warned yesterday of the “truly extraordinary” scale of deficits.

We have had to put in 10 days’ more work than last year in order to keep the Government afloat. It is not just the money that Brown and Darling borrowed to bail out the banks. It is the fact that every bit of public spending – national and local – is rising faster than taxpayers’ incomes. In 1999 – when Brown had finished with New Labour’s 1997 election pledge to match Conservative budgets – government spending was just 36 per cent of the nation’s income. Now it is a third more – 47.5 per cent this year – and rising.

Not that you can believe official figures. The International Monetary Fund thinks things will be far worse. Our national income will take a knock, and more people will be out of work and receiving benefits from the Government rather than paying it taxes. That makes it probable that public spending will be more than 50 per cent of our income – sending Cost of Government Day into July.

It amounts to a huge surge in the burden of government for those of us trying to earn a crust – twice that in France, and even more than when Britain was reeling from the oil-price shocks in the early 1970s. In fact, it’s not far off the 1940s, when at least we were paying off the cost of saving the world from Hitler.

But then Alistair Darling’s budget predictions have proved just as over-optimistic as his predecessor’s. In November 2008, despite all the drama in the banking industry, his forecasts seemed almost rosy. Now, he expects the Government’s budget shortfall this year and in 2010 to be four times that prediction, with 2011 and 2012 about five times bigger. The gap between what the Government expects to spend and what it actually brings in has risen five-fold, from £120 billion to £608 billion in the space of six months.

At that rate, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, it will take 23 years to return government borrowing to anything like normal levels – Gordon Brown’s famous “golden rule”.
And of course, every year you borrow keeps adding to what you owe. Right now, the Government calculates that it owes a total of £2.2 trillion – about £144,000 per household. The figure has trebled since the bank bail-outs. Some traders are beginning to wonder if Britain can actually pay its debts. If they start pulling out, then we really are bust.

And the real picture is worse, because the Government does not record all its debts on the official books. Take all those new schools and hospitals being built on tick at a future cost equal to £5,600 per household; Network Rail’s borrowing, another £1,000 per household; nuclear decommissioning, another £2,750; those generous civil service pensions – a future cost of almost £50,000 per household; not to mention the state pension. Add those in, and the real national debt is twice the official figure.

Do not imagine that all this extra spending and borrowing are the fault of the financial crisis and the need to counter recession – interest payments, social benefits and suchlike. A good half of it is simply feeding the Government’s pre-election spending splurge.

And do not believe the spin that the Conservatives would make 10 per cent cuts to balance the books. They have pledged not to cut education, the NHS, or overseas aid, and they are stuck with the debt repayments and the EU’s demands; even if they cut 10 per cent off everything else, it amounts to just 3 per cent overall. They would be shrinking next year’s spending bill from £717 million to £695 million. That is still more than Labour has ever spent.

“What is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom,” wrote Adam Smith. If your family had debts as big as the Government’s, you would know what you had to do:spend less or earn more – and preferably both.

The Government won’t earn more by putting up taxes. The Centre for Economic and Business Research estimates that the proposed 50 per cent top tax rate will make 25,000 people leave the UK, costing 140,000 jobs and reducing revenues. Britain is already overtaxed.

And the private sector has borne nearly the whole burden of the economic downturn. Wages have fallen, and unemployment is heading up to 3 million. But the public sector has been largely unaffected. That is why people are so angry when they see how much of their 176 days’ effort is simply wasted – or abused, as with MPs’ expenses.

The task is to reduce public expenditure without it showing. A freeze on spending and recruitment for a couple of years, then pegging it to inflation, would be surprisingly effective at re-balancing the books. (If spending since 1997 had risen no faster than inflation, we would be spending a third less than we do now, and could abolish income tax, VAT, and council tax entirely.)

Another useful move would be to publish online every cheque the Government signs, so we can see what it is spending and where. Private firms would be able to show what they could do more cheaply. And citizens could point out where they think their money is being scandalously wasted, as with the £300 million on departments’ service contracts, wasted through bad management, or the £200 million lost through bad procurement of hospital buildings.

Then there are the IT projects, such as the NHS records system, that are billions over budget and months or years late (the Department of Employment alone spent £59 million on a computer system that did not work). Exposing such wasteful incompetence would help eliminate it. And do we really need to spend tens of billions on ID cards?

Along with the Royal Mail, we can privatise the Tote, Channel 4, BBC Worldwide, air traffic control and various utilities, which would bring in a handy £20 billion. And we can get rid of central bureaucracy by measures like simply handing head teachers their bit of the budget and telling them to get on and spend it as they see fit, rather than as Whitehall bureaucrats think they should. The same could go for health – give the budget to patients or their doctors, not to layers of bureaucracy such as the strategic health authorities. And the quangos need to be culled again: they have grown in number, cost and power under Brown. For what gain?

Meanwhile, dozens of local government officers are now paid more than £100,000 and retire on generous index-linked pensions – something now almost unknown among the private-sector employees that work to support them. As this newspaper reported yesterday, PricewaterhouseCoopers claims that 96 per cent of companies regard final salary schemes as unsustainable.

About a third of Child Benefit is little more than pin-money for the middle classes. It should be given to the poorest. By taking everyone on the minimum wage out of tax entirely, we would see a stampede into work by those who we presently make better off on benefits.

Another huge saving would be to speed up the plans to raise the pension age, reflecting improvements in health and longevity. This is by far the largest spending change one could make. Yes, many people would not like it – though others would be delighted to avoid forced retirement at 65. But it would be hugely symbolic – a return to honesty in the public finances, and an end of the idea that we can all live at someone else’s expense. If this recession has taught us anything, it should have taught the politicians that.

Dr Eamonn Butler is director of the Adam Smith Institute and author of 'The Rotten State of Britain’ (Gibson Square Books)

Quotes of the Day

"A white person cannot fully understand the concerns of a disabled person, a Black person or a woman." - Harriet HARM man - Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

"Public body board members have been far too pale and far too male for far too long". - Cabinet Minister Sadiq Khan MP

Report these race hate crimes HERE. I have.

UPDATE: Tried to report these hate crimes online, alas, it would appear they know me

BBC to publish expenses

The BBC is to publish the salaries and expenses of its top 100 executives and decision-makers, its director general Mark Thompson will announce later.
Salaries and detailed expenses will be published alongside named executives later this year. The total spend for on-air talent will also be revealed.
In addition, the expenses of some top executives will be released on Thursday after a Freedom of Information request.

Excellent. Contrary to popular belief, the BBC is not just funded by the licence payer but also by the taxpayer via the Home Office for such gems as BBC Persia or "documentaries" about whatever INGSOC feels we should be seeing.

I sense that FOI requests are going to be used against all the ravenous but unaccountable users of our money, who hide behind fake charities, quangos and special interest groups so beloved by New Labour.

I'm sending one to the Potato Council today. Send one to a quango yourself, there are so many to choose from and they only cost us a mere £167.5 BILLION a year up from £24 billion in 1998

In 1998, the chief executive of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, the quango that oversees the National Curriculum, was paid £43,563.
Today the post is occupied by Ken Boston, who last year received £273,000: almost six times the pay of his predecessor. The QCA said that Mr Boston's package consisted of a salary of £195,000, pension contributions and - because he was brought in from Australia to do the job five years ago - the cost of his accommodation, which is met by the taxpayer as a "benefit in kind".
A spokesman for the QCA admitted that the role of the quango had not essentially changed over the past decade, but that ministers must have decided after the crisis in A-level marking in 2002 that it was essential to trawl the world for a candidate "of the highest calibre".
Full list of Quangos HERE

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Correspondence With The Equalities & Human Rights Commission

Seeing Eye To Eye With Jonah?

I have just sent this e-mail.

John Wadham


Group Legal Director

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Dear Mr Wadham,

Your letter of 22nd June to the BNP raises interesting issues.

May I ask whether you will also be writing in similar terms to the National Black Police Association and to other organisations where it might appear from the name that discrimination against white people or people of a particular belief or faith may occur?

Yours sincerely,

I'll let you know what comes back.

The Penguin

Piss be Upon You

Islamic Nations

Islamic Conflicts

At some stage, someone is going to have to mention that Peace and Islam are not compatible. I fully agree that to pick a fight with 1.2 Billion Muslims is a dangerous thing, but I have the feeling that sooner or later we will have to.

Could readers please suggest ANY Muslim majority country on the planet that is peaceful?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I Should Not Laugh Really

But I did

Arise, Sir Keith Vaz

Remember this over the 42 day vote?

“Dear Keith… Just a quick note to thank you for all your help during the period leading up to last Wednesday’s vote. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all your help. I trust that it will be appropriately rewarded!... With thanks and best wishes, Geoff Hoon.”

Looks like the Gruaniad knows something we don't......

Arise Sir Keith...

Its Not Just The Banks Getting Our Cash

It is not worth my while stating that I fail to understand why a multi millionaire who does not do a stroke is deserving of Taxpayers money, because I will get some dribbling Royalist telling me he does a lot for tourism.

Since when did the Duchy of Cornwall become a Private Business

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch At The GLA!

I'm delighted to see that the system of expenses at the GLA includes openly publishing all of the claims and receipts, which ahs led directly to the forced resignation of a trough pig called Ian Clement.

This cunt not only abused his GLA credit card to bump his flights from economy to business when going to the Peking Olympics, he claimed for lunches with his new young sqeeze while pretending he was entertaining political contacts.

But when his integrity was questioned over the flights, folk who knew him checked on line and found that he was claiming to have had lunch with them when they knew that he had not.

Boris insisted he fuck right off. Now I hope the police will be asked to investigate.

The Penguin

Pomp and Circumstance

Whilst the usual blogging suspects go into overload about the new speaker in the House of Commons, I would like to nail my colours to the mast.

Parliament is an outdated anachronism. Men in tights, shooting galleries, Smokers bars, late night sittings, whips, Black Rod, the Mace, Parliamentary Privilege and first past the post.

Stick it all up your arse. Sideways

A new speaker is not even rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Throw it all out, raze it to the ground and salt the earth.

I want democratically elected politicians, dedicated the serving their constituents, proportionately representative and with minimal powers over my life. I want a reduction in Government an anorexic would be proud of. I want the power they hold on our behalf returned to local councils, made of people who are not career arse lickers and can be held to account over a pint on a Friday night. I want local, federal law making by people I can talk to. I want referendums and I want representation. I want the fat bloated state starved.

Protect the borders, Police the streets. Everything else is down to me. And I can do it so, so much better than those 646 cuntwafting fucktards.

The Trial Of Tony Blair

One of the reasons I started blogging nearly four years ago was this statement which is still at the top of 'Looking For A Voice'

A Libertarian facing the most incompetent and intrusive unmandated Oligarchy in my lifetime.

Everybody around me thought that we were living in a paradise of cheap money, the weekend shopping binge on credit cards was the 'norm'. I could see the drip drip drip of our basic Liberties flowing away. Most of the population seemed not to give a flying fcuk.

MP's were troughing then as now, Mandelson and the Kinnocks were slowly enriching themselves and on their way to being faux aristocrats. Civil Servants exposed and found dead in the woods, the BBC seized in a coup by Blair and Campbell, then there was the Iraq Invasion a war of agression that presented no threat to the defence of this country, on behalf of a foreign power and because both leaders did 'God' big time and believed that smiting the heathen 'hip and thigh' was a divine ordinance.

Blair lied to Parliament over WMD, forged the 'dodgy dossier' Campbell was 'sexing' up intelligence reports. The Media was not reporting the Cabinet ministers who resigned over the decision taken by Blair under the powers invested in one man under the Royal Perogative, a decision that flew in the face of the United Nations and the weapons inspectors.

Blair is now a multi millionaire,yet scores of British families have lost their sons and daughters brought home in coffins, hundreds more are mentally and physically crippled.

Iraq which once had the GDP of Portugal is impoverished and thousands of its citizens are dead.

However Blair lobbied hard for this inquiry to be held in secret so that it did not turn into a show trial. Yesterday Chilcot announced that the inquiry will largely be held in public. Though I suspect most of the events leading up to the invasion will be held in camera to protect Blair.

I have always wanted Blair to be arraigned for High Crimes and Misdemeanours, this is as near as we are going to get to it.

If you have got time read the following four indictments from Nuremburg 1946. Tell me what difference is there ? The only legitimate war is one of national self defence, for which our armed forces should have the best equipment, be the best trained and paid in the world. There is no other legitimate State expenditure.

Count One: Conspiracy to Wage Aggressive War

Count Two: Waging an Aggressive War, or "Crimes Against Peace"

Count Three: War Crimes and Torture

Count Four: Crimes Against Humanity and Civilian Populations

Those found guilty went to the Gallows.

Until the State and its Leaders become accountable for their actions we will not be a Free Country. We are all burdened by this war guilt, we just cannot ignore it and pretend it did not happen.

Blair has dishonoured this Country and its Armed Services. It is time he answered in the full glare of the TV cameras.

Shafting The Country

Today the Banks make their final appeal against the Office of Fair Trading on unfair charges, you know the scam £2.5Bn a year for going £1 overdrawn then getting £39 of charges, which puts you even further in the red, which then incurs interest on interest. Then the inevitable threatening letters

I recently helped out a student friend of my son's who had this problem, a swift vicious letter back drafted by somebody who was not intimidated by these arrogant bastards swiftly got a £210 refund of charges for going £1.87 overdrawn.

There is no such thing as 'free banking' it has a cost, the cost of that service should be published and charged quarterly. If the Banks offer 'free banking' to impoverished students that is what it should be free until they stop being students.

The Banks have stopped being Banks, they have stopped lending to business, they have lost at every level in the last three years, they are now trying the unelected House of Lords.

They are the other twin pillar of this corrupt Parliament

Monday, 22 June 2009

Is This The Next Stage from Throttling Women, Beating Women And Clubbing Alcoholics At The G20

When the State gets scared, you will always find somebody to fire a gun, draw a sabre, march people to the camps.

We have to make Government accountable, before Taser Taser Taser turns into Draw Aim Fire.

Still Out Of Control

The Police are brutalising anybody who gets in their way

Badge numbers are there to protect the public and identify thugs in uniform as these pictures show from last August asking for a badge number arries risks of getting throttled. If the Mail is coming down on the Police, things are very wrong.

Michael Fuller the unelected Chief Constable of Kent has all the 'right on' qualifications other than being accountable to the people of Kent. He is a Blair appointee.

Immigration Hits New Record

Obviously due a Bonus, 220,000 Passports handed out this year!

Could I just start by saying that I'm not in any way racist, we are all one human race (with a few obvious aliens such as the Millipedes!).

However, this is possibly the most over-crowded country in the world - England, I'm not including Scotchland or the other Celtic Fringe in this, because oddly enough I doubt if that is where the hordes trying to get into Britain want to be - and there's already huge problems over the provision of basic services for the population, and nonsenses like spending multi-millions on translating official documents into Urdu and Swahili and Croatian. (Oddly enough when I go to France I don't recall finding anything of the sort, just French!)

So it is far from comforting to learn that NuLiebore are letting record numbers of immigrants have British passports (and benefits). Apparently the increase over the level under the previous administration is over 500%.

Still, I suppose we should be grateful that they are bringing all the benefits of their different cultures with them, like carrying and using knives, spitting in the street, marrying their cousins, block postal votes, honour killings, and giving us politicians of the standard of Keith Vaz, Lord Ahmed, and Baroness Uddin.

And all the benefits of their religions.

The Penguin

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Parasitical Flea gets a new arsehole torn

You detestable little ginger thief. You fraudster. You liar. You criminal. I would quite happily rip off your head and shit down your throat. You should be in prison and anything I can do to help make that happen, be sure, be very sure, I will.

OH Update: Apparently she is a qualified lawyer.
Which means she is bound by the Profession not to bring it into disrepute.
The Bar Council and the Law Society are just waiting to receive your complaints. Wouldn't it be awful if she was struck off for tax fraud? Others have been....for less....

hat tip to Lorcan Maguire

Was There Ever Such A Pair Of Cunts So Overpaid?

The fucking Welsh world champions of troughing, the disgusting Kinnocks, have trousered in excess of £12 MILLION from their hard-working (!) and self-sacrificing (!!) stint in Brussels, while they also bolstered their future pensions.

But just what were they doing on our behalf as elected (Glenys) and unelected ( Ginger Twat) representatives of Britain?

Worse that fucking nothing at all is the sad answer. The Ginger Twat gagged then sacked the corruption whistle-blower, Andrea Whasshername who has now been elected a UKIP MEP - which probably explains why Glenys was so keen to be given a job sucking Jonah's cheesey knob back in Whitehall!

Meanwhile his charm-free wife made extensive trips to Africa. Shame she achieved less than fuck-all, as noted by Christopher Booker.
I hope they die very painful deaths following a long and painful illness, which prevents them enjoying their fucking multiple pensions.(OH Update - They will receive SIX State financed pensions. SIX)

Son, Stephen, is the director of the British Council in St Petersburg and is married to another Euro MEP, Helle, who collects the same as her mother-in-law plus ₤40,000 as leader of the Danish Social Democrat group in Brussels. And now another Kinnock family member has stuck her snout in the Brussels gravy train. Thirty three year old, Rachael Kinnock, has become an executive assistant and researcher to that well known Euro MEP…her mother. Thank god for socialism....

The Penguin

Regulating The Bloggers

The Mainstream Media just hate the Bloggers, here is another thinly veiled attack and call for legal regulation of bloggers by Mikhailovich in todays Times.

The MSM have been bought and sold by wealthy men trying to curry favour with the 646, not with us. Most Newspapers are heavily subsidised or are going bust.

They are part of the problem, part of this corrupt establishment of Politicians,Bankers and faux Aristos that are trying to turn back the clock so that we are the Serfs they are the elite.

Peter Poppet calls it the post democratic age.

Every national newspaper has a legal team to check stories for defamatory content and to see if they serve the public interest. Few blogs can say the same. If bloggers were made aware that their anonymity was not always absolutely guaranteed, then arguably they would be just a tiny bit more careful. So perhaps the occasional outing is just the level of control that the blogging community needs.

Control by who chucky? people like you ?

What a week for East Germany


The government performs a blackwash in their effort to be "transparent"

The Police are investigating an £83,000 common Fraud by a Baroness

Trial without Jury is now possible

Government Inquiries are held in secret to protect the guilty.

How did it ever get this far? How the hell did we let it happen? How did we let the 646 who wield power ON OUR BEHALF abuse us like this?

It has to stop. I am now officially a revolutionary. I will do everything within my power to destroy this corrupt government and the systems of control it has implemented against me. I want democracy back from these thieves, perverts, liars and murderers.

I am coming to get you in the full knowledge that I am responsible for the consequences of my actions. I will not cease until your vile work is undone and you are back where you belong as our servants.


The Cross of St George Is Advertising

I am a member of a voluntary group that aims to improve our Town Square, you know flowers,planters,street entertainment- all the stuff that Councils get paid to do but don't.

We want to put up a flag pole by November 11th for the British Legion to use. Net result requests for Elf & Safety surveys, ground surveys,annual maintenance agreements, structural engineers certificates on an annual basis.

Despite doing all of this 'we' will not be allowed to fly anything other that the Union Flag, because any other flag. the Cross of St George,the Town Coat of Arms, the town flags of our twin towns, the Wessex Flag are all deemed 'advertising'. So we have to apply for planning permission to fly 'advertising' in our own town !

Does this apply to the Dragon and Saltire in Wales and Scotland ? I bet not- only in true blue Tory controlled English Shires.

Cameron does not want an English Parliament, Cameron does not want Devolution to the Shires, Cameron is an old fashioned High Tory Authoritarian whose personal destiny is to 'Leader of Great Britain'

To Trough is Human, to Steal Devine,

All Things Brown and Beautiful,

All claimants large and small,

All acts wise and wonderful,

The Lord Brown made them all.

The rich man in his castle,

The poor man at his gate,

He taxed them, high or lowly,

And nicked their entire estate.

He gave us eyes to see them,

And blogs that we might tell

How great is Brown Almighty,

Who has made all things go so well.

The Rt Hon. Gordon Brown will lead the faithful in Songs of Praise this week.

Mr Aaqil Ahmed is the new head of religious broadcasting.

Jim Devine's affairs have been referred to the Metropolitan Police.

To blog in this, the Age of Revelation, is truly to receive manna from heaven.

OK, morning service is over, you can go off to the pub now.

Stick a fiver in the collection plate as you leave.

The Tin Man's Heart.

"I wonder where Damocles left his sword?"

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The Brown Gorgon gave his 'ordinary bloke' impression in the Guardian. It makes for teeth-grinding reading, especially since he cannot resist reminding us how he detests the Tories (we'd figured that out by now, Gorgon) and he can't help lying once more about his fantasy budget role-playing game, a game which he is losing faster than a colour-blind snooker player. So it's spin, spin, spin, even when he's trying to pretend to be real.

Something has changed though. All his playing with imaginary numbers has generated a Mandelbrot, one he now calls Lord Mandelbrot of Partly Bull and Boys, First Thingy of That Thing Over There, Diddler of the Doodah and many other names, more names than Satan himself, which should get some conspiracy theories going. Now that this Mandelbrot has inserted himself into the Gorgon's ear, the manner of the Gorgon is subtly altered. He does little dances on YouTube. He gives personal interviews. He says things like this:

"To be honest, you could walk away from all of this tomorrow," he said. "I'm not interested in what accompanies being in power. I wouldn't worry if I never returned to all those places -- Downing Street, Chequers - And it would probably be good for my children."

Which sounds like a lead-up to 'I'm retiring for family reasons', the usual cop-out of the useless when found out. He hasn't suggested retirement, he won't want to, but the Mandelbrot is an insidious creature. The Gorgon is nowhere near as smart as the Mandelbrot, so the Mandelbrot can get him to say things he wouldn't normally say. Subtleties of speech that would be lost on the Gorgon but which could prove very useful later. The Gorgon, of course, still thinks he is the best man-shaped thing for the job. Has anyone heard him define what the 'job' is? Could it be the job of crushing the UK and cutting it into bite-size pieces for easy consumption in the foetid maw of the EU? The Mandelbrot certainly insists on making us join the Euro, which would then make it extremely difficult to get out. If we left after we are Euroised, we would immediately have a worthless currency in circulation.

Still the Gorgon blusters on. He insists he knew nothing of the Corpse McBride's activities, despite being his boss.

"I didn't know that. I didn't know that. It's not what I do. Anyway, I don't text. But when that behaviour was discovered: out! Gone! Away! No longer working for me. And I think if you look at the people who work in our office ... it's people who've come from charities, academic life, business ..."

Indeed. People from charities funded by government, using money from taxpayers to pay people to tell the taxpayers how to live. People from business. In fact, people who nobody voted for run the day to day business of the country. The Maleficent Seven have cabinet posts without troubling us with any of that democracy stuff. Are we to believe they work in our interests? Why would they? It's not as if we asked them to, and they need fear no election reprisals. Then he admits he has no idea what they're up to. Yet he tells us this as though we should be pleased to hear it. This man is so far off the planet he can no longer see the sun.

A speech full of lies and spin, with a subtle hint that he might not want to do it any more. Who wrote that for him? The Mandelbrot is certainly complex enough to do it. Most of Labour know they have no chance at all in the next election if the Gorgon still runs the show. The sensible ones know that the damage runs deeper than the Gorgon himself, and while they cannot be the victors in the next election, they might be able to staunch the wound enough to at least survive it. To do that, they must excise the abscess burrowing into their flesh. He won't excise himself. Nobody will excise him for them. We're all enjoying the implosion too much to step in.

Big things are afoot, methinks, and the Gorgon is being manipulated into a position he cannot escape. He will refuse to move even when checkmate is called so it won't be a simple game. It will take a subtle and devious hand to maneouvre him into the right place. A delicate and detailed mind, as delicate and detailed as the real Mandelbrot set, also generated using imaginary numbers. Lord Mandelbrot, in his Cloak of Many Titles, is likely to be behind it but I doubt we'll even see his hands move. He's that good.

There are those who think the Gorgon cannot be manipulated. He is more single-minded and stubborn than a whole field of mules. Nobody could make him do anything he won't want to do. Push him, he will not move. He is the Iron Chancellor, perhaps better known as the Tin Man who begged Oz to give him a heart. Oz has now done so, but it comes at a price. The Gorgon is not being pushed or forced. He is being guided. When the time comes, the Gorgon will believe his resignation was his own idea. For the cheeldren.

Where manipulation is concerned, the Gorgon seems to be something of a soft touch. All it takes is a set of big teeth and a salesman's smile.

Where the rest of the population are concerned, he's still as heartless as the tin man. And always will be.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tinkle those Ivories

OH is a rather talented tinkler of Ivories, thanks to his Grandmother who sewed shirts in the classic Jewish tradition and played the Joanna for (copious) pints of Guinness in the Dog and Duck, Winchmore Hill, N21. God Rest Her Soul.

There are currently 30 "street pianos" out there in the name of art. Do it. I'm going to. Alice would have loved it.

Sing along again....


All animals are equal

the Telegraph has done a cracking job today, showing that 50 odd MP's are on the fiddle with council tax and the Police are all over the gang of five Labour thieves who should be consulting m'learned friends shortly for some plea bargaining.

So it appears that around 186 MPs have now returned some of the monies they stole from me, well on its way to a million pounds in the hope that nobody will mention it again.


Today, I have ordered 186 copies of Animal Farm and will be delivering them personally to Parliament, along with a rather fetching bright pink PIG helium balloon attached to each copy.


Friday, 19 June 2009

The truth will out

I signed up to the Ministry of Truth a while ago. They demand that it should be illegal for MPs to lie to us (amazingly, it isn't at the moment). They went all quiet on me.

It looks like they are about to get noisy. Very noisy.

Oh Gordon!

hat tip to Gigits

the worst thing about censorship is


Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Way It Is - by Stanislav

This yappy, jumped-up, obnoxious leprachaun is what's wrong, he should be in the house of commons, the fucking moron, good for fuck all apart from sacking people, fucked-up terminal five and despite his huge business acumen has, like all the other arseholes, failed to foresee or protect his company from the recession, which, even though we are not really in, we are coming out of with flags flying, only not the BA ones, the useless, mouthy little prick.

At least Michael O'Looney of Air Begorrah doesn't come out with any Walshshit about how the workers should miss their mortgage payments to help him maintain a shred of credibility as a manager. No, beJasus, the fuck we will, it's committed we are, so it is, to cheap flights and even cheaper wages and if anyone asks me for a rise it'll be me boot up their arses, so it will. Air Begorrah is dedicated, by the holy fuckin' Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to running the cheapest, most shoestring business operation in the history of Mammon, so we are. Pile 'em high an crash 'em in flames, that's our motto. Walsh ? he's a gabshite, and I wouldn't give him a job as an airstewardess, not that we have any, so we don't.

Immune to criticism, a stranger to humility, Walsh is, like the banking mafia, emblematic of managerial I-know-best Britain, NewLabour plc, just as long as his Goodwin isn't affected, that's the main thing. Let's hope some pissed-off, hard pressed employee punches him very hard in the mouth.

Ishmael Stanislav

I'm Spartacus!

Following the demise of Nightjack, I'd like to introduce our readers to Inspector Leviathan Hobbes.

Can you silence them all, Mr Creedy? Mr Foster? Sir David Eady QC?

Bookmark him now

"Therapy" for Labour Thieves available

From: PLP Resource Centre

Sent: 18 June 2009


Subject: Publication of expenses - practical support from the PLP/Labour Party

Importance: High

FAO all Labour MPs

Dear Colleague,The Fees Office has now published all MPs’ ACA, office and communications allowance claims for the last four years – 2004/5, 2005/6, 2006/7 and 2007/8.

Support available to Labour MPs:If you have any questions at all please do take the time to seek advice. ‘Well-being’ support and advice available from colleagues:

Anne Snelgrove MP will act as a first port of call for colleagues on these matters. Anne will have a team of colleagues working with her on this.

Support available from the Labour Party:Media - Colleagues should know that their Regional Communications Officers, based in Regional Office, are well placed to offer guidance on media handling of expenses coverage. Regional Directors are also able to offer support. All contact details are available from the PLP Office. Furthermore media support is available through the Labour Party Press Office.

Legal:The Labour Party is able to put colleagues in contact with a legal adviser, should you require one. Please contact the PLP Office for more information.

Further support available:Whips' Office - Advice and support is available from the Whips Office. The PLP Chair Tony Lloyd is also available and all numbers are available from the PLP Office.

HT to Alex at Labourlost

What The Fucking Fuck?

Seems it's not just Planning Laws that Pikeys have special privileges in.

Never mind if you need to see a doctor or a dentist, you just aren't "ethnic" enough, even if you are a black lesbian muslim you have to let the pikey in first, even if they have no appointment. Even if the doctor or dentist have no space left in their appointments, the walk in pikey comes first.

And gets longer.

I think it's time we all registered as fucking pikeys!

The Penguin

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Chief Constable humbled.

Who blinked first?

The answer is that Chief Constable Colin Port did.

It is one thing grandstanding to the tabloid readers and assorted bigots, quite another to face up to the wrath of three High Court judges.

Hours before Colin Port was due to appear before the Lord Justice Stanley Burnton, Justice Wilkie and Justice Calvert Smith - a trio to strike fear into the stoutest heart, without contemplating the fate accorded to even junior police officers in Her Majesty's finest squalid shower block, Colin Port arranged to have the bulk of the computer material that he had loudly declared the British public would support him in not returning, delivered to its rightful owner, Jim Bates.

Round one to Jim Bates.

Despite returning the material, Colin Port did not escape 'scot free', because he was not awarded his costs on the basis of his behaviour since the original order was made. This behaviour included comments made to the tabloid press which implied that Mr Bates had the 'child abuse' images in his possession out of an implied personal interest rather than in his professional capacity. Their Lordships criticised Port for these comments:

"all of which were directed to bring Bates into disrepute as a result of suggestions that there was salacious material which he had on computers otherwise than for purely professional purposes".

Lord Justice Stanley Burnton said Mr Bates had held all the material "in a professional capacity".

Round Two to Jim Bates.

He added: "The conduct of the chief constable since the order was made has been of concern to us".

Round Three to the General Public - no one is above the law.

I suspect Jim Bates will be consulting Carter-Ruck very shortly!

More on Colin Port HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

Sunday Times and Baby P

I am doing some research on Haringey council, Baby P, etc and one thing I am trying to locate is a communication from Cecilia Hitchen to Clive Preece which allegedly says that no further children should be given care orders due to cost considerations. Someone mentioned that you may have had sight of this?
Are you able to help at all?
Thanks for reading this.
Daniel Foggo, senior reporter, The Sunday Times +44 20 7782 7730

Hi Daniel,

Do your own research. Oh, and fuck off.

Old Holborn
An anonymous blogger

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