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This Unelected Bloke Is In Charge- If you are not worried- start worrying

H/T Guido

Its Not Ideal, But It Is a Start

It is not ideal but the people behind No2ID are setting up Power 2010

It is chaired by Helena Kennedy and has funding from the Rowntree Trust, there were enough people attending the Convention on Modern Liberty who from the floor were passionately calling for a New Constitutional Settlement. For me where the Convention went badly wrong was inviting the warhorses from the Conservative/Labour and Social Democrats as the main speakers. This was before the Expenses scandal spoke, which just discredited them appearing in the first place.

We cannot allow the political classes to divide 61 million people into powerless ineffectual groupings.

I intend to try to swing the LPUK behind this movement, because the ballot box is being abused, I don't want to be represented by TV celebs. I want to emmasculate the political classes and reduce the State.

The Convention although flawed was packed with passionate people, I do not agree with some of the peoples views, but I want Radical Change, not more petty fogging tinkering at the edges.

Political Vetting For Teachers

Ed Balls has just ordered a legal review to see whether members of the BNP can be banned from teaching in schools.

At present, only prison officers and policemen are banned from membership.

Balls has now told former Chief Inspector Maurice Smith to look at the issue in the wake of the leaked list of members that appeared on the internet this year.

His speech just now gave a short mention of the issue- and won loud applause.

But in a letter to Smith, he goes much further. He points out that he and other Education Secretaries had previously concluded a ban was not necessary as current laws were sufficient to stop the propagation of racist material. But the leaked BNP members list - and a referral of two teachers to the General Teaching Council - had made him order a review.

Here's extracts from his letter to Smith:

"The release of information on membership of the BNP revealed 15 individuals who identified teaching as their profession. We cannot know how many more may have chosen not to reveal their occupation."

"I have always believed that membership of any organisation that espouses racist views is fundamentally incompatible with the values and ethos of the teaching profession. The arguments, though, are not straightforward, we would need strong grounds to bar individuals from the teaching profession on the basis of membership of organisations or registered political parties that promote racist views."

"However, teachers hold a position of great trust, they are role models for young people and as a consequence their behaviour and conduct has a bearing on their suitability to work in the profession."

"While numbers are small, there are no grounds for complacency. That is why I believe that it is right to undertake a full and detailed review of the arguments for and against strengthening the current provisions which protect against the promotion of racism in our schools."

My my Mr Balls. How very "soviet". Enjoy the last 8 months of power, because then you'll have to find a real job.

Hat Tip to Paul Waugh

Time To Start Building Up Our Databases

They have done it to us for long enough, we need to start collating information on the spiders web of connections and influence of those that say they govern us, without going anywhere near an election. Did you vote for Brown to be PM, or Mandelson to run 60% of Whitehall ?

List all the members of all the quango's with their links, affiliations and who the gives Patronage to who, list the favours that they do viz Baroness Scotland- thats a technical breach of the Law etc from the head of UKBC- who was the CEO at Birmingham City in the middle of the vote rigging scandal.

All we need is a sponsor and a secure overseas database. Everytime something dodgy goes off we can see who is linked to who and how they avoided Court.

Why did Peter poppet's mortgage provider not press charges ? Why was Blair's Cash for Peerages never examined in Court. Who invoked Anti Terrorism Laws against Iceland ? etc etc

The Bullingdon Club- who scratches whose back to become the next Prime Minister and Chancellor and Mayor of London.

ACPO- The Private Limited Club that runs our Police Force

This is not an original idea but comes from the Yorkshire Ranter, my politics are different to his, but we share the same disgust about this self perpetuating oligarchy.

Fake Charities.Org has exposed the endemic corruption of Government handouts, A Little Database of Influence compiled on the same basis as Wiki.

At last an idea that people from all walks of life and political views can expose the people who quietly spend our cash

Quote Of The Day

A Business secretary whose only business experience is haggling over the price of a night with a rent boy


Just Received an Email from Postman Pat- They are on strike in the Bristol Area again Friday.

Not sure how much money they will be giving the phone flinger come election time.

Underdogs? - So send them a collar

So Labour feel they are now "underdogs" do they? 12 years of ruthless State Control and they want us to feel sory for them because the public has had enough? No Labour, you are not "underdogs" but you are about to realise what it feels like to be put on a lead and collar again.

I hereby invite readers to send an "underdog" a collar to wear. They are cheap on ebay (under a fiver). I have just posted mine to Harriet Harman who says

"Let's face it, the nearest their political analysis gets to women's rights is Page 3's news in briefs. We are all angry about the Sun this morning but I say to you: don't get bitter, get better. Don't get outraged, get out there. Don't get mad, get mobilised. Yes, we may be the underdog but we will not be bullied. This underdog is biting back."

Remind them YOU have the lead to THEIR collar.

Prick Me And Do I Not Bleed ?

Oh Dear Tantrum Alert


There is another Tantrum going off, as Brown flounces out of BBC interview, following hostile questioning from Sky's Adam Boulton.


Another Tantrum in Progress

"We've got Twitter!" says Kerry McCarthy

Oh dear. The stupid cow just doesn't get does she? A similar line is being taken over at Labourlost.

"The Sun doesn't matter. We can use the Internet, just like Obama did" says Kerry McCarthy, Mogadishu East MP

Let's look at the average Labour voter (not the Islington BBC mob, they vote Tory anyway in secret). Chances are, they are one of the following:

Union Luddite.

I really don't see how Kerry is going to reach any of them. Most of her constituents have Somali as a first language anyway and are too busy trying to master eating with a knife and fork to be bothered with 140 charachter messages on a laptop. Obama used the Internet because Democrats are savvy Liberals with Macs and blackberries. The only blackberries Labour voters know about are down by the railway embankment, covered in used scratchcards.

Now there's a thought Kerry. Spread the message on chip wrappers, cans of Stella, Rizla papers, pizza boxes, Halal kebabs and benefit forms. In Urdu of course. Straight to your core vote.

The Cronkite Test

LBJ once said if we have lost Cronkite we have lost America.

The Sun shifted its 'political allegiance' last night within hours of Brown's speech, this is probably Labour's Cronkite moment. Jack Straw was straight on the TV saying the 'Sun wos wrong'. Labour have been telling everybody they are the only ones who are right for years.

The BBC is leading a desultory counter attack with today's report that the Sun is not the power it once was.

Brown's speech at least tried to address the problem that Labour is exhausted, fresh out of ideas and drive. The bunker mentality is still there though, moving wooden blocks around on a map that represent armies that no longer exist.

The loss of the Sun shows that Peter Poppet is slowly losing his legendary control over the media. This was demonstrated in his outburst following Marrgate and the prescription anti depressants saga against the 'extreme right wing media and blogosphere.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Iain Dale, MP

OK Iain, you want to be an MP

You want to represent the people of Bracknell. Not just the people like you who live in Bracknell. Here we go:-

1. Will you vote for proportional representation even if it means you have to share power with a communist?
2. Will you give up all other activities to serve the people who voted for you (as opposed to those who are paying you)?
3. Will you publish your diary and expenses? Every single day?
4. Can I meet you in a pub and tell you how unhappy I am?
5. Will you reject the whip if your constituents are not happy?
6. Killer Question: Your friend, Peter Tatchell, thinks 14 year old boys should be able to have anal sex with 11 year old boys. Do you agree?

I will hold you to it all. Loudly.

Test Card

H/T Scottish Libertarians

Beyond Desperate

I have just sat through Gordon Brown's speech.

You would think that they have not been in power for twelve long and weary years.

Only two things stood out for me

A referendum on AV- He promised a Referendum on Libon but did not deliver

The Right of Recall of Corrupt MP's- We cannot even get rid of an Attorney General who has broken the Law.

These marginal measures are far too late. I would have been more impressed with the AV measure whilst there was a massive Labour Majority, not when Labour has fallen behind the Social Democrats in the polls. This is exactly what the Liberals did in the interwar period when they were swept from power.

Cameron is not going to enact these measures, so we are going for another 'Landslide' Tory Majority with about 33% of the Vote.

So May 6th it is, no Summer of Rage, No Winter of Discontent- just Labour being shown the door.


I've been trying to explain to people the concept of Libertarianism as a political force. Most still see "right" versus "left". I'm neither.

Let's give this a try

Do as you want, or do as you are told.

May 6th 2010 will be a clear choice between doing as you are told by 646 people who have a vested interest in 61 million of us doing as we are told or by 61 million of us doing as we please.

I'm not an anarchist, a rabid "right winger", a nationalist or a Marxist. I'm Old Holborn and I choose to live my life with as little forced intereference from others as possible. That means I will make the choices that affect my life and I will take the responsibility for those decisions. I am not a victim or a subject. I am a sentient being with the reasoning to know what is best for me. I do not possess the arrogance to impose my beliefs on others nor do I aspire a position of power over others. Just my own life.

Think wisely when you have your chance to vote and always ask the question:

"Will they let me do as I want, or will they force me what to do what they want?"

Something To Be Really Worried About On May 6th 2010.

I listened to Radio 4 this morning, to Austin Mitchell after his fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference yesterday. Eight people turned up at his meeting, and one of those was his wife.

I saw the empty seats, the closed off areas at Brighton

I saw the photographs of half dead, half asleep Lib Dem supporters whilst Cleggy gave his all at the Lib Dem Conference.

UKIP and BNP are in dire straits financially; the LPUK is examining the pointlessness of contesting seats at Westminster in favour of building a grass roots local authority base.

Next week I am going to be watching the glassy eyed adoration of no policies Cameron and the Conservatives.

Basically Party Politics has collapsed in this Country, dwindling party memberships, over centralisation into Westminster, the recession, the expenses scandal etc has traduced democratic politics that has taken four hundred years to build up in less than twenty years.

The Public know it’s a fix, the Public want Radical Change and a New settlement, that was evident at the Forum on Modern Liberty, but that clamour for real progress has been stymied by the big three parties, and the growth of smaller Parties and pressure groups will never have a voice under this Electoral system. The British just don't do the 'Summer of Rage'

The Public has withdrawn from even voting, because ‘the Government’ always gets in. This has produced the bizarre situation where corrupt faux aristocrats lead the Labour Party. Has it really got to the point where Mandelson is the saviour of the Socialist Left? Is there nobody left in the Labour Party that can see what a travesty this is. We have now got a situation were Esther Ranzten and a baggage handler from Glasgow, are now seen as the authentic voice of politics. Don’t get me wrong anybody who takes on somebody who is trying to explode a car bomb has physical courage, but I am not sure that I want my politics to be along the lines of ‘fisticuff’ Prescott. A man who can barely string a coherent sentence together.

Politics is dead, the only option on offer is Mandelson’s ‘post democratic’ age. This is just an Oligarchy by another name with the rest of us condemned to the role of exploited serfs.

Unless the Radical smaller Parties start to coalesce around the concept of a new constitution, a new settlement and a new voting system, we are going to see the gradual sapping of the life blood in our democratic institutions, with the Police and the EU taking up the slack and running the country by default. The Army is now a degraded institution, loved and respected by the people. Hated and kept short of funds by the political classes and sent to fight illegal wars and to occupy foreign countries, the police on the other hand seem to have no shortage of equipment and helicopters, because the political classes see them as the only thing between us and them.

I spent the weekend as a Libertarian, with a Socialist, a near BNP supporter two Tories and a Liberal Democrat. We discussed politics we all had strong points of view that we could never agree on, but we had a forum to discuss politics because we had respect for each other and ‘ground rules’ that everybody was entitled to their say. What we did agree on that this was not replicated at either National or Local level. There is no forum. If nobody is prepared to listen to my point of view, why the hell should I listen or engage to somebody who wants to talk ‘at’ me about their politics.

That is the position that the Public now have with the current political structure.
There may be only 646 of them and sixty million of us, but nobody is listening to the sixty million, only to the 646, and pretending that this the body politic.

Personally the prospect of a Cameron Government on May 6th fills me with dread, as it will not be any different to Blair/Brown.

Irrespective of each of our political standpoint, we have to fight for a New Constitution, one that comes from below not imposed from above.

Our Politics are Moribund, and worse still has absolutely no mandate from the people of this Country.

Confucius, he say.....

Picture courtesy of David Forward.

Confucius he say - "man not taking prescription painkillers could still be taking Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs)" - which are not a "prescription painkiller". A wise old bird Confucius, 2.650 years old today.

10 Downing Street are complaining bitterly today that Gordon was 'Marred' by Andrew Marr raising a matter of genuine public interest during his televised interview on Sunday morning.

Gordon tackled the question in typical politician style, by ignoring the heart of the question and picking up on a fringe enquiry which he could turn to his (supposed) advantage.

Andrew Marr If you were an American president, we would know all about your medical history. You were asked in the States about your eyesight, and I think the reason you were asked is because people were wondering whether that would be a reason for standing down at some point. Let me ask you about something else everybody has been talking about – a lot of people … use prescription painkillers and pills to help them get through. Are you one of those?

Gordon Brown No. I think this is the sort of questioning that is …

Andrew Marr It's a fair question, I think.

Gordon Brown … is all too often entering the lexicon of British politics. I have had very serious problems with my eye. I lost my eyesight playing rugby. I had three major operations and they could not save my sight. I then had exactly the same thing happen to my second eye … and every year, of course, I have to check, as I did only a few days ago, that my eyesight is good and there has been absolutely no deterioration in my eyesight, and I think people should be absolutely clear that although …

Andrew Marr What about my other question?

Gordon Brown I answered your other question. Although I have problems with my eyes and it has been very difficult over the years, I think people understand that you can do a job and you can work hard. And I think it would be a terrible indictment of our political system if you thought that because someone had this medical issue they couldn't do the job. So, Andrew, I think these questions … of course you might be right to ask them, but … I feel that I have done everything to show people that I can do the job even with the handicap that I've had as a result of a rugby injury.

The Guardian this morning is reporting that "The claims have mainly been reported by Paul Staines, the man behind the Guido Fawkes website, [...]Guido Fawkes congratulated the BBC with the words "Bravo Marr". Actually No, they weren't. John Ward's report was first read in its entirety on the Old Holborn site. Guido only commented on the story when the blogosphere was already alive with rumours.

Gordon Brown’s aides last night said they were amazed that despite issuing denials to an Internet rumour in recent weeks, specifically to the BBC, Mr Marr went ahead and still asked the question.

Lord Mandelson accused "extreme right-wing" figures on the Internet for spreading rumours about Mr Brown's health, adding it was "absolutely ridiculous" to suggest the PM had a problem with pill use, and blamed politically motivated bloggers for raising the possibility.

"We have seen out there on the Internet, the blogosphere, all these extreme right-wing people trying to put these smears and rumours about, all completely groundless," he said.

"People will now know that he has had a rough time and battled to save the sight in one eye and lost it in the other as a result of the rugby accident.

"But to jump from that to say that he has got some sort of dependency or addiction is absolutely ridiculous.

The only people who are making the leap from rumours of a dependency on heavy duty anti-depressants to a sad accident to Gordon's eye are - 10 Downing Street.

The rest of us are making the leap from a blog post specifically claiming a dependency on heavy duty anti-depressants to a series of evasive answers on a matter of legitimate public interest.

The more they wriggle, the more interesting the question becomes.

Cross posted by request from - Anna Raccoon

Monday, 28 September 2009

Perfect Branding

A brewery who were slated for poducing a strong beer have decided to fight back. They have now released a piss poor, watery bottle of shite at 1.1% that no fucker will touch called

Good for them. More please. This could be a national brand for anything the bastard state wants to decide on your behalf what you want.

Don't Take Everything For Granted- Question Everything Everyday

Smellie To Be Charged With Assault

The Policeman who lashed out at a woman in the G20 protests who delights in the name Smellie, is to be charged with assault.

If this discredited Law about not photographing Policeman had been enforced, this assault would not have come to light. So is this something that was a technical breach of the Law ? Has he apologised, is he going to be sacked ?

Questions also need to be asked of the training methods, the hyping up of the Police with the 'summer of rage' Mr Hartshorn ? and where were the senior officers on the day.

How Do I Feel About Polanski ?

The guy had sex with a minor who was being pushed at him by her mother, the victim was using the age old 'casting couch' method for advancement. Polanski was abusing a minor for self gratification. All pretty vile all round.

Thirty two years on, the victim does not want charges pressed, she is happily married with children, Polanski to the best of my knowledge has not done anything similar in the last thirty two years, and has not been subject to any extradition requests either.

Suddenly the whole situation changes, as far as I can see Polanski was lured to Switzerland and arrested on an international arrest warrant. When was this issued and who is behind this ?

The only thing that has changed, is the new Obama regime. European residents are being lifted and sent to the States on an increasing rate to be tried before their Courts, like some latter day 'summoned to Rome'.

This is a sinister departure.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Mandelson Will Work For The Tories

I go away for the weekend, and collect the Sunday's on the way back, and they are full of putrid articles about the unelected First President of Foy or what other bollocks he is calling himelf, whoring himself around the corridors of call me Dave's future Government.

The Labour Party Conference is a half empty shell compared to the soft focus posed shots avec chien and appearing at chavvy fashion shows.

Where is the anger at the failed Nu Labour Project, the future generations who have got to pay this folly off over the next seventy years, the Tories cannot ever be bothered to deride Mandelson's offer, perhaps they are considering it, as the big soft left tent.

This weekend one of the house guests was a convinced socialist, trying to explain Libertarianism met with open mouthed incomprehension, capped off with who is going to organise and look after us ?

There is a long way to go.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Tonga v Scotland The Premier Championship

90th minute plus …BBC has exposed the long accepted bromide that defence wins championships. With Scotland's defence hobbled by a long play from Clifford, the Attorney-General weathered Tonga's early onslaught and fought back with style. Dominant midfielder play led by Brown and Mandelson.

90th minute plus … Clifford for Tonga.

87th minute … Brown's ball sails over goal.

85th minute … Husband takes a cheque pass from Mail on Sunday.

84th minute … Tonga in complete and utter control. Labour players walking, stunned.

75th minute … Last gasp for Labour. Probably too little, too late.

70th minute … Absolutely spellbinding. UKBA fouls at the front door, exposing an out of date passport. and the Tongans flash a goal on an unlikely tale from Scotland. Tonga 2-0.

67th minute … Brown replaces a frustrated Hesford.

60th minute … Nothing but frustration for Labour. Scotland offside, errant passes, nothing clicking. But still a long way to go.

52nd minute … Scotland fouled at top of Clifford penalty area. £5,000 fine from referee but shot slams off the near post.

49th minute … Scotland pouring forward, with control and confidence. But without scoring so far, which could be deadly.

47th minute … Tonga springs Max down the left, one on one with Mail on Sunday. Fakes the pass (port) off his feet, but shot is saved by ......

Halftime … The type of match where you look up at the running clock and are amazed that 40-45 have passed.

If you’re Gordon Brown, who comes off and who goes on for the second half? If you’re Max Clifford, do you make any changes? Sheer entertainment, regardless of which team you’re supporting. If you’re reading this the real question is: Why aren’t you watching the match?

Its in the Mail on just 45 minutes.

45th minute...Tonga takes a dive, heads an out of date passport over the goal, Scotland didn't see it, cunning, its a low tackle, and Scotland appeals to the referee......

Friday, 25 September 2009


Can there be any doubt now that the Barclay Brothers are not Labour supporters?

Released just in time for the Labour Party Conference, the ideal reading matter for those long insufferable hours spent listening to how Gordon saved the world.

One aspect of the expenses scandal that has received little comment is the fact that 'expenses' - like cleaning your moat - are not taxed, the rest of us have to pay for our garden maintainence out of taxed income.

Perhaps Her Majesty's Customs and Excise have a sense of humour, for the other item released today is a new internet hotline, specially for the blogging generation....

You can now use the internet to report to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) any individuals or businesses that you believe may be evading their tax at

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said:

“We are committed to ensuring the tax system operates fairly and efficiently, and encourage anyone to share their information on activities they think may be unlawful. Reporting your concerns online is quick and easy. By doing so you will be helping us to catch people who are unfairly competing with honest businesses and denying funding for essential public services.

“Being able to report potential tax evasion online is just the latest step in demonstrating that for tax cheats the game is up.

“Information provided by the public is important and HMRC takes all allegations seriously.”

A full list of expense fiddling MPs can be obtained HERE - Keep 'em busy, they work for you.

Go on, you know you want to!

Please don't all press 'send' at the same time, I would hate to be responsible for crashing yet another Government web site on its first day.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

+++Jury Team candidate fo Glasgow North East - Exclusive++

'Ave it. Hands on.

John Smeaton. Jury Team. Glasgow North East

Up against:

arty Candidate Votes % ±%

British National Charlie Baillie

Labour William Bain

Liberal Democrats Eileen Baxendale

Conservative Ruth Davidson

SNP David Kerr

Scottish Socialist Kevin McVey

Solidarity Tommy Sheridan

Scottish Senior Citizens John Swinburne
10 minutes early.

New Book On Labour Sleaze Tomorrow

I have been told that Peter Poppet is in the frame

Details to my Barrister as soon as it breaks please.

OH Update: It's called 'No Expenses Spared' and will be serialised in the Telegraph.

The shit is going to hit the fan

Property Tax - The Price of Folly

The Three Card Trick

This is guest post by The Cynical Tendency

No apologies for dealing with this topic again. This is not about the philosophy, morality, or justice of differing tax systems. It is about the brutal realities of the now and immediate future. It is an issue that is not going to go away because of the fiscal situation the government has created for itself, and a network of problems that cannot be easily solved because essentially the horse has bolted taking the jockey with it. At present there is a major debate about how much is to be cut from government expenditures, by what means, and in which services in the public sector. A great many promises have been made by all parties that simply cannot be met without major adjustments.

What is being consistently ignored, because they do not fully understand it, are the issues about revenue, how much can be raised, by what means, and who from. A key feature is that few people realise by how much the tax base has atrophied in recent years in relation to commitments. There is almost too much to explain. To start with the young, if you keep them all at school longer, and then require up to a half to attend university to the age of 21 or more, and demand time out for training almost all the rest, then many fewer are paying much in the way of tax, and moreover greatly add to costs. If as a result of this many are heavily in debt in their early 20’s, then this will impact on their spending, and all the indirect and other taxes involved, and on their decisions on lifestyle.

At the other end of the age scale, early retirement has become a feature of modern life, notably in the public sector, and either in unfunded pension schemes, or in funded ones that are now seriously in deficit. Many of these people do not feature in the unemployment statistics, but even those with better pensions, the minority, will not be paying as much in tax, or spending as much on taxable goods as those in work. As for their savings, many seek out tax free options, and a good many have been inveigled into financial products that are claimed to reduce liability because they have offshore features. Many of those who invested savings recently in the Isle of Man will be paying even less, as their savings seem to have been lost.

Those that did retain savings for income in the UK have now seen major cuts in their investment income, and their tax liability and spending power. Beyond all this there has to be a possibility that one way or another, pensions will have to be reduced or at least capped for the foreseeable future and it is likely that more stealth taxes on pensions could be needed to reduce the burdens. Many of the very old have now been virtually stripped of most of their savings, either by “care” or property rackets run by close contacts and friends of our politicians.

Amongst the working population the scenario is much worse. At one time access to and use of tax havens and related financial schemes and products was restricted to a small and select minority. Over the last decade this has been developed into a major service sector dedicated to tax avoidance and often connected tax evasion. It has now reached out, if not to the toiling masses, then at least to anyone with the wit or ability to manage their funds, income, and assets by their own decision.

A jobbing builder down the street who does lofts and kitchens etc. but nothing big registers his vehicles in a tax haven and conducts his business through one. He does not employ anyone but makes use of a select group of self-employed craftsmen, who I suspect do not pay much tax at all. When I buy goods by phone or on the net, it seems that arrangements for billing and delivery are such to either eliminate or hugely reduce tax payments. Earwigging travellers on their mobile phones on the train tells me that many “suits” in middling jobs have complicated arrangements on and offshore for this and that. Tax avoidance is no longer the preserve of the bosses, it has become a feature and a “right” of the middle classes, broadly defined.

Our local High Street etc. is full of offices of banks, building societies, and travel agents etc. all of which can move handle and move money easily and readily. Yet in the back streets are a handful of “internet facilities” with a little payment office for transmitting funds here and there. There are rarely any people using the computers but often a little queue of men from other shores holding wads of cash. In the last decade many of these men have moved into rented accommodation, and I believe are entitled to housing benefit. The owners of very many of these properties have accounts for transmitting funds abroad, beyond the reach of British taxes. The idea that inward migrants will pay lots of clear tax with few commitments is substantially a fiction. Many are low paid, many do not figure in the financial statements, and morever those in cultures that demand strong family ties often bring over their aged and infirm, at least those in our vicinity do.

Then there are the NEET’s, Not In Education Employment Or Training class of youngsters who may now number up to million, who knows? They have their own tax free zone and where does their money comes from and go to? Last but not least are the several areas of criminal activity, some with apparently legitimate fronts, but which have major funds and assets, often abroad, untouched by any tax liability. Nobody knows how much may be involved here, but the figures are likely to be very large indeed.

You may have noticed, I have not mentioned the very rich, the governing classes, or the magnates of finance and commerce. I suspect that they will be taking every possible advantage to minimise their personal taxes. They are certainly a major factor, but a greater one in creating the path that so many now are following. Nor will I go into all the fiddles, VAT, benefits, etc. off balance sheet arrangements, all yielding incomes and assets to many all of which are untouched by tax.

So, if the government cannot now get at the incomes of so many, if consumer tax raising in the UK is steadily being eroded by outside sourcing, if in creating a greater number of “clients” the government is hugely reducing its tax base, who is left to pay? Those that are will not be able to stand the full price of the financial folly of the last decade from either their incomes or spending, and these in any case are the substantial part of the people who actually vote. In a worst case scenario this is the stuff of revolution, as in 1381, whether it is a property or a poll tax and many in other years and places since. When regimes fail to conserve and balance income and expenditure then they revert to the historical default of property taxes (in regimes with servile or bound labour poll taxes are a form of property tax) that cascade down the classes one way or another and can reach a point where it all breaks down, often with violence.

What is left, that cannot be moved abroad, that you know where it is, and can have a reasonable estimate of its worth and potential for tax? It is physical property, and that is why Property Taxes on an altogether different scale will be part of the struggle and anguish in the coming decades as the government seeks out funds. Vincent Cable’s tentative suggestion of a 0.5 figure on homes over £1 million in value is only the first toe in the ocean. My guess is we could eventually be looking at much higher levels on all property depending on conditions, vital to cover the ongoing deterioration in the fiscal position.

It is within my personal experience that until the 1960’s the then Schedule “A” tax applied to domestic owner occupied properties. On the basis of the kind of property I owned, a modest semi-detached without garage, that tax together with the council rates, also a property tax, the total annual bill ran to about 10% of my gross annual income and they amounted to 4% of the value of the property. So Vince Cable’s modest proposal to tax property asset millionaires is chicken feed.

The Schedule “A” tax on owner occupied domestic property was abolished as a means of encouraging home ownership and for the outgoing unpopular high spending Conservative Government to buy badly needed votes. In those days the whole shape and impact of taxation was very different, so it is very difficult to compare then from now. All I do know was that as a young family with children and an income slightly above the average, we could not afford a car, the housekeeping was very tight, we had little to spend, we hired the TV, and holidays were out of the question. So much for the “Swinging Sixties”.

The past is coming back to haunt us, and the bill will be in the post.

Chancellor Mandelson Rules Out VAT Reprieve

As soon as Brown is out of the Country Mandelson takes over everything ! What the economy needs now is massive tax cuts to put our money back in our pockets.

The Minister for Business and everything has stated that a delay of just one day will cost Millions to the Revenue. Good ! What are you going to do with the money, fight more wars, pay more benefits, employ more public servants, give it to the banks ?. The only business you are interested in is not UK Plc but Brown & Mandelson undertakers to the Economy.

Baroness Vadera is quitting the Marie Celeste Nu Labour Government. These faux Aristos have no staying power !

The Faux Baroness was originally Shriti the Shriek, hated by everybody but Gordon.

Meaty Fingers

Pic from Anna

Free Cash from the EU

For those who wish to know how much of our money is "gifted" by the EU to such worthy schemes as "Confidential, Pakistan, €10,000", feel free to play "find the grant" over at the EU. They have a massive database of every grant of EU taxpayers cash handed out.

Have fun

(Prizes for the most ridiculous "grant")

Confirmation As If We Did Not Need It Who Is Running The Country

Baroness Scotland is still in post largely because another title loving unelected politician has 'sympathy' with her over 'impudent' questions.

Gordon would have caved by now.

And Peter Poppet thinks the other unelected Prime Minister out to have more razzamatazz. I would love to see that- eyore in a glittery boob tube

Am I the only one embarrassed by Gordon Brown running around after Obama trying to get a photo op. Americans hate losers Gordon- just have a bit of self respect, you are showing us all up.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Helping The Police With Their Enquiries

The Secretary of the Scottish Libertarians has contacted Prestwick Airport.

I called Prestwick Airport who were unable to comment as the woman I spoke with had no knowledge of the event. She kindly passed me the immigration number (interesting, I thought, when this should not be relevant) to contact. Upon speaking with immigration I was advised the standard blurb that passports are used by airlines as a form of I.D. I replied with the details found, omitting whom the parties in question were but noting that I may be traveling and was curious. The gentleman replied that perhaps this was due to the other powers of stop and question as the police may have been looking for someone. My reply seemed to dumb-found him as I noted that these people were in point of fact M.P.s He provided me with the Strathclyde police number 01292 511 234 having first noted providing me with a switchboard number. I asked if this would be for the same Strathclyde police that operate out of the airport but he seemed less forthright at that point.

As the immigration official agrees, there is no other reason for such action I would be curious as to why the parties in question submitted to it without question.

"Whats the Laland or Gaelic for Ausweiss Bitte. "

No idea about Lallans but Gaelic would go something along the lines of "Càirt-siubhail, mas e do thoil e."

So why are our brave Parliamentarians submitting to the Police again ?

Emails from LPUK sent to Alan Johnson MP Home Secretary, UKBC and StrathClyde Police asking for an explanation


I have just had a stroppy inspector on from Strathcyde in response to our email *

Whats the problem with showing your passports

I know nothing about this

Are you upset because you are English

I'm not scared of politicians

There must have been a security operation on

They would have been asked professionally and politely

What is the Law on showing your ID to the Polis when asked then ?

If you have got a broken window I can help

You are better off contacting Pitt Street Glasgow, because I can't help you

* My notes when I managed to get word in edgewise

They are out of control

Meanwhile the thought Police have been busy

OH Update: Private Eye can contact us at

Prestwick Airport has told police it is being charged too much for security and is locked in a bitter dispute over the fees, the Scotsman reports. All other major Scottish airports have now signed deals with police, but low-cost Prestwick remains in dispute. The airport is challenging Strathclyde Police over the cost of extra officers and patrols in the wake of the Glasgow attacks.
According to the newspaper, the rift between the two sides is so deep the matter has been referred to the Department for Transport's security wing, Transec, for mediation. However, it adds that the row relates to as few as two extra officers and staffing and other costs in the region of £100,000.

A spokesman for Prestwick Airport told the Scotsman: ‘There are ongoing discussions between the airport and Strathclyde Police with a view to updating the terms of the current agreement and policing arrangements going forward.’ A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said: ‘This matter is ongoing and has been the subject of recent dialogue with the airport operators and Transec.’"

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 has been mentioned....this may have some provisions for "examining persons" at airports but there's a whole raft of guidance on how this is to be conducted.

A passport for the English to visit Scotland

Strathclyde Police has set up a passport control operation…for passengers on domestic flights


Anybody from the press fancy a day trip from Stansted (UK) to Prestwick (UK) on Ryanair with me?

Stephen Hesford Resigns Over Scotland Staying In Office

In a letter to the prime minister, Mr Hesford said: "My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.

I just think it wrong that someone who has the honour to serve in that office should remain considering the circumstances

Stephen Hesford

"In my view the facts of the case do not matter. It is the principle which counts, particularly at a time when the public's trust of Whitehall is uncertain to say the least. We have to be seen to be accountable."

Well Done, Stephen, even though you are on the wrong side of the tracks, nobody else wants to drive a nail into the coffin of this discredited Government.


Thought it was too good to be true, just read the full text of your letter, especially the last paragraph.

You are prat,trying to save your own career before the crap closes over you.

Baroness Scotland and the Fake Gong

After having posted on the trinkets and ermine our Socialist Party like to drape themselves in

I received this comment-

I can happily assure you that the "Constantinian Order" of which Baroness Scotland is a member is an imitation of the real Order, given by a junior prince of the Bourbon family whose claims are unrecognised by the King of Spain, head of the Bourbon family. Five Spanish government bodies investigated this prince's claim, and decisively dismissed it. The factotum of this Order is a Mr Anthony Bailey, a PR guru, who has recommended its wide distribution to a variety of individuals (he also recomemnds awards of the long extinct Order of Francis I of the Two Sicilies, given despite the fact that this kingdom has not existed for almost 150 years.

The real Order (see is headed by the Infante don Carlos of Spain, Duke of Calabria; its British delegate is Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein and it has no connection with Mr Bailey's group.

It just gets better, she can't drive for toffee, does not understand the Laws she has drafted herself and gets awarded fake medals from a PR company.

A true symbol of Socialism in the UK. We have not stopped laughing in the office.

Lord Guthrum of Duston in the County of Northamptonshire, Grand Inquisitor of the Marechals of the Mayenne. Noble of the Ancient Order of Ferret worriers.


More on Anthony Bailey and Tone and Gordon- Get your awards here the're luvverly

And more dodgy cash for Labour via Mr Bailey



Huh ?

Only Gordon Brown's Labour Party could come up with a plan to lower the Nation' Defences, after a Government he was part off launched an illegal war, and sent troops to Afghanistan where 'it was hoped that the troops could achieve their mission without firing a shot.



Who is going to go first Scotland or Brown ?

Cameron Is Not A Libertarian (Last Year) This Year He is Not A Thatcherite

Do you know what his politics are ? Fcuked if I know !- The only thing I can work out is that he is all for Dave being Prime Minister.

And She Is Still Bloody Well In Post

Baroness Scotland is still hoping that the dust is going to settle and life at the trough will continue.

If you are not one of the Righteous, you get a £10 000 per worker on the spot fine, better than having messy Court appearances where the accused get the chance to prove their innocence, and Legal costs are involved.

Thats the way to rule the Country is it not Peter Poppet ? Dawn Raids, Civil Servant Friesler Courts acting as accuser,prosectuter and Judge.

Under Nu Labour we have now had our legal system undermined, that only a Court of your Peers can decide your guilt or innocence. Now a Civil Servant decides these matters.

You cannot introduce 3000 new criminal Laws, and not expect the Lawyers to have a field day, the Courts become clogged and 'alternative' methods of 'Justice' used by the Government.


It looks like she inadvertantly failed to follow the rules by being carelessly driving into a Taxi in 1991, how can she then in all conscience preside over the 'toughening' of the 'rules' on careless driving in 2005 ? Did she declare an interest ? or as a competent black woman Lawyer she was given yet another dispensation.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

No work in France

I see that 1500 Afghans, having paid tens of thousands of dollars to get to Calais, are not taking up the offer from the French to return home, or seek Asylum in the EU. Nope, they definately want to come to England.

"The conditions here are a nightmare," he said. "I had a blanket, it was stolen. I sleep in my clothes, under bridges, under buildings, moving from night to night. We've got nothing to eat except a bit of bread we get as hand-outs. If we see food, we fall on it like animals, we're so hungry. I can't go back to Afghanistan, it's too dangerous. We're afraid of the French police. There's a whole generation of young Afghans here who just want papers and a chance to work, but it seems more and more hopeless."

Erm, I picked grapes in the south of France, aged 18 in October because I was skint. Bloody hard work. Bloody good pay.

No work in France then?

Labour Party Conference

Can't think why they chose Brighton

Hey ! The Immigration Laws Are Like The Congestion Charge !

Unbelievable !

Time to play the Race and Feminist Card

OH Update

“Scotland is a competent female, black lawyer. A second chance is called for" - Michael White, the Guradian.”

More Newspeak

She issued a statement saying: "I fully accept the findings of the UK Borders Agency that I made a technical breach of the rules. I apologise for having made this inadvertent error.

"Having examined the documents I accept entirely I should've taken copies of them. I sincerely apologise for my error."

Findings = Investigation

Technical Breach = Broke the Law


Inadvertent error = Broke The Law

My Error = Broke the Law

Truly some Animals are more Equal than Others.

So the next time you make an error driving too fast, apologise for inadertantly breaking the rules, and say it was a technicality. You are bound to get off !

They are dragging us deeper into the mire on a daily basis.

OH Update. Expect the Race Card hat tip to Tory Bear

Attorney General of the UK is a criminal

Baroness Scotland, appointed by New Labour to be the highest legal authority in the land, now has a CRIMINAL record for employing an illegal immigrant and has been fined £5000. I can only assume she has been dna'ed, fingerpinted and mug shot.

Let me repeat that. The highest legal authority in the land is a fucking criminal

And still, she won't resign. I need a lie down.

Had enough of this shite? Join me on the November 5th

The Ministry of Propaganda Speaks

Nothing ruins my day more than hearing the Ministry of Truth first thing in the morning, intoning that Baroness Scotland 'inadvertantly' broke the Law, or she did not 'knowingly' break the Law, and as it was a 'technical' breach of the Law the Government would not be seeking her resignation. Peter Sutcliffe technically broke the Law by hitting women over the head with a hammer !

A source has told Guido that she has already been served with a liability notice, which means the Senior Law Officer broke the Law as she framed it.

The cleaner involved having had her door battered down, has now offered to give UKBC a statement,so don't take any walks near the woods dear, you might suffer sudden unexpected death syndrome (SUDS).

Peter Poppet's grimy hands are all over this one, as Lin Homer *, the CEO of UKBC is feeling 'under pressure' to find a loophole. Peter Poppet does not do open politics and the rule of Law in this Post Democratic Age.

The upside is that if the Senior Law Officer is allowed to break the Law, we all can, because the precedent has been set.

* Lin Homer, CB, is head of the UK Border Agency. She was born in Norfolk and educated in Suffolk. After attending university in London she qualified as a lawyer in Reading before spending 15 years at Hertfordshire and joining Suffolk County Council as chief executive in 1998.

From Suffolk she went to be the chief executive of Birmingham City Council. Her time there was controversial[1].
A judge described the council as having “thrown the rule book out of the window” after a massive electoral fraud in 2005[2]. However, a former Labour leader of the council described her as “one of the best chief executives I have had the privilege to work alongside”[1]

After three years there she joined the civil service as the head of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate in August 2005. Her leadership of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, (later to be renamed Border and Immigration Agency and, later still, the UK Border Agency), has also been marred by controversy, most notably the scandals concerning the failure to deport foreign national criminals which led to the resignation of the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

She was appointed Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) in the 2008 Birthday Honours


Gordon sees the way the wind is blowing

Monday, 21 September 2009

Dirty Cheating Bastards

Join me on November 5th then....

H/T Guido

We had our Berlin Wall Moment- But That Opportunity Is Now Fading

An independent commission should look at ideas such as moving the seat of democracy out of Westminster, a fully elected upper chamber with no whipping system, proportional representation, cutting the number of MPs by half, and reforming their pay and expenses, he added.

"It's time to be radical. Our current model was designed for the 18th Century. It doesn't fit 21st Century Britain,"

Greg Dyke

This is the confirmation that the BBC is firmly under Government control.

The palpable anger over the troughing is going to fade and the only action the people of this country can take, is to replace this Rotten Parliament with another headed up by the Tories.

The Libertarian Party would be far more radical than Dyke, no more than 150 MP's in Westminster charged with Defence of the Realm and Foreign affairs. The Social Service functions of MP's can be put back to the County Councils were they belong, and local taxpayers decide how many people in their communities they are prepared to support.

Fact- Benefits paid out in a year exceeds the amount raised in PAYE


The former French Prime Minister, Dominique De Villepin is going on trial today charged with trying to discredit Sarkozy.

Why in God's name have we not got the same sort of legal remedy against Blair for starting illegal wars and devasting our economy. Impeachment last used against Warren Hastings is still on the statute books !

At this moment in time we are faced with the following nightmare situation- The Irish finally say YES to the EU Constitution, Blair becomes President of the EU,Mandelson holds the Labour Party together through the Party Conferences, Brown announces his decision to stand down as leader on health grounds January/February. Election called May- IMF arrive June 2010. Somewhere in that lot Balls and Milliband slug it out for Labour leadership

Currently the opposition are failing to oppose, the call for 'savage cuts' is not real. The reduction of the State will be at the behest of the IMF, because the political classes are incapable of killing the Golden Goose, and we are too supine to make it happen as the Berliners did in 1989.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Pushing the boundaries of education

The British Council, who incidentally the government themselves claim as the very definition of a tax payer funded quango, are offering a new course for teachers of 'essential english', to celebrate the 75th anniversary of their mission to teach English to those who wish to integrate into the UK.

It is called 'Texting for all' and their site now provides support for teachers in what 'is becoming an increasingly popular form of communication in the UK'.

Those who wish to live a useful life in the UK and not be a burden on the tax payer are to be taught how to communicate with the locals in short SMS bursts such as KOTL - which is txt spk for 'kiss on the lips'.

W8 4 ME @ BNFT FFC would be a useful addition to this course.

A £1 donation to the quango of your choice for the best suggestion as to other txt phrases that could be helpful for integration.

Here it comes.....

A five-year research programme, called Project Indect, aims to develop computer programmes which act as "agents" to monitor and process information from web sites, discussion forums, file servers, peer-to-peer networks and even individual computers.

Its main objectives include the "automatic detection of threats and abnormal behaviour or violence".

Project Indect, which received nearly £10 million in funding from the European Union, involves the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and computer scientists at York University, in addition to colleagues in nine other European countries

Agent Smith is profiling us

Project Indect Website

It is seeking to develop models of "suspicious behaviour" so these can be automatically detected using CCTV and other surveillance methods. The system would analyse the pitch of people's voices, the way their bodies move and track individuals within crowds.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ask Propecia

Cutting the lifeblood from Government and the Banks is starting to work.

The Halifax is the second Bank to run up the flag of surrender in the OFT V Banks High Court case due to be finalised in January of next year.

Thousands of bank account holders have refused to accept the punative charges that can see a £10 overdaraft baloon into a £1500 charges bloodfest in a matter of months.

The banks are preparing themselves for mass write offs and refunds on current accounts.

This case was won a year ago by the OFT but they continued to appeal. This has been the first example of a concerted attack on bank priviliged thievery by the public.

The destruction of the public finances by Labour has also meant a de facto tax strike, because business and the public have no more to give.

The fact that Labour is now belatedly decided to 'look at' some of their high spending programmes has been brought about because the Labour vampire has reduced the UK economy to a bloodless corpse, and there are no fresh virgins for them to go after. Not that the Vampire has changed its habits, because the Cabinet cannot agree to even scrap the proposed ID cards legislation.

Parasites eventually die when the host dies, or the host takes action to rid itself of the contagion.

There is an upside to this slump after all.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Righteous on record.

Oh, give it up. Everyone expects you now.

The favourite technique of the Righteous, since time began, has been to take a few lines out of context and twist their meaning to make the speaker look bad. References to the original context are ignored, anyone dissenting is labelled a member of the opposition and a supporter of evil, and no further discussion is permitted.

Any attempt at further discussion is met with ad hominem attacks on the dissenter. For at least fifteen years now, those attacks have always been 'racist-Nazi-bigot', 'I bet you don't have a job', 'I bet you're ugly and lonely' and 'I know you're a racist'. Some variation, but really very little.

Many Righteous have realised that the 'racist' jibe means nothing now. They have belittled the word to the point where even the Ku Klux Klan need not fear it. They have driven many to the BNP with the 'you must be a BNP supporter' jibe. For many, that was the first impetus to look more closely at the BNP and while many would balk at the racism in that party, well, these are people who have been called racist for years anyway. They don't hate anyone and they're called racist. So why would they worry that the BNP are called racist? The results are out there in the polls.

Now, many of the more intelligent Righteous have switched from 'racist' to 'right wing' as their core jibe which will have exactly the same effect in the end, but they aren't going to listen.

Some of the less intelligent Righteous think they can still get away with picking out a few lines from someone's speech, twisting them to mean something they didn't mean and then merely abuse the opposition into silence.

When James Macintyre tried this in the New Statesman, it must eventually have become apparent, even to him, that it wasn't working as planned. Opposing voices were not falling silent and the more advanced Righteous did not leap to his aid. So he pulled the story.

Fortunately, Archbishop Cranmer took a screen shot before that happened, and Douglas Carswell has an archive link which includes the comments, as well as Righteous Mac's responses to them.

Those techniques used to work, when speeches were made but rarely recorded, access to those that were recorded was limited, and people could not easily refer back to original material. Further, blunders of this magnitude could be erased from history and forgotten.

Not any more.

Internet regulation is on the Righteous agenda, and if you want one of their biggest reasons, take a look at the demented babbling of that article. This Righteous is on record and as a case study, you couldn't ask for a better example.

The entire planet has access to it. It's going to get copied everywhere. It can never be deleted now.

Think about that, Righteous.

Electoral Commission

It appears that the Electoral Commission are worried that the Internet might produce some weird and wacky Election videos and (moreso), that they cannot police it.

Liberal Democrat blogger Mark Pack, who used to be in charge of the party's web presence and co-wrote its election law manual, said the government was either unaware of potential problems or "keeping their fingers crossed" they will not get out of hand.

Can anyone recommend some simple PC Video software to me? This is going to be FUN

Smack my bitch up

Irish Humour

hat tip to England Expects

Thursday, 17 September 2009

UKBC To Investigate Dame Scotland of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order Of St George !

UK Border Control are going to investigate Baroness Scotland ' as they would would anybody else and not give a running commentary'

Ah the smell of whitewash in the morning !

If she has not got copies of the documentation she is busted ! Whats the problem, show us the documentation its the Law (you should know, you drew it up for the little people to obey)

Petard,on,hoisted,own,your springs to mind.

"We are cracking down hard on employers who flout the immigration laws."
Baroness Scotland, Lords Hansard, 13 June 2007, col 1697

Kicking Up A Racket !

Jury Team are putting together a campaign to win the Glasgow North East Bye-Election - the seat vacated by the Speaker, Michael Martin. We will be announcing our candidate next week and expect it to make the news around the world. Once the candidate is known, we will be looking to manage the hundreds of people who will, I am sure, want to volunteer to help. But before that, we're looking for two full-time assistants on a modest wage. Local knowledge would be an advantage.

Please, fellow bloggers, pass this plea out on the interweb. Interested parties should contact me at awallace (at) emailaccount (dot) com.

Allan Wallace

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