Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nick Hogan - Jailed over No-smoking Ban.


There has been a fair amount of comment in the blogosphere regarding the six month jail sentence given to Nick Hogan for flouting the 'no-smoking ban'.

Outrage has been duly expressed, here, there, and everywhere. Perhaps we can do better than just express outrage?

Nick was actually jailed for non-payment of the fine originally imposed for a 'mass smoke-in' on the day the ban came into force in 2007 in his pub, the 'Swan and Barristers' in Bolton. He no longer has that pub. He was fined again when council inspectors walked into his present pub and discovered a group of customers smoking - Nick wasn't even on the premises.

His wife, Denise, is now managing their present pub in Chorley herself. Their trade is so low that they don't even bother to open the downstairs bar. Nick is bankrupt, and had gone to court intending to argue that he could not afford the £500 a month payments demanded by the council towards their £11,600 bill for prosecuting him. He has already paid off £1,600. The court gave him a six month sentence instead, and he is currently in Forest Bank prison in Pendlebury, unable to help to earn the money which would ensure his release.

Denise has not even been able to speak to him since he was sentenced. She has merely been told to phone the prison on Monday to enquire when she might see him. She is confused, frightened, and feeling very lonely.

If all the people who disagree with the no-smoking ban contributed a few coppers, then Nick would be released. If you can't afford £1, then at least drop Nick a line and let him know he is not forgotten - not surprisingly, he is feeling very depressed.

Denise has just said to me 'all the people who disagree with the ban - where are they now? - and my Nick is in prison'. Quite.

Denise has no idea how to use the Internet, she has no idea how many of us are against the no-smoking ban. Let's show her.

£1 each - just 10,000 of you - let's see if the blogosphere can do more than merely rant in unison. Once the amount received totals the outstanding fine, they have to release Nick.

Nick's address is:

HMP & YOI Forest Bank
Agecroft Road
M27 8FB

OH UPDATE: Under the health act of 2006, it is the responsibility of the owner or the controller of "smoke free" space to uphold the law. It is not illegal to smoke in a shop or on a train. It is illegal for the owner or controller of the space to allow you to smoke.

NOT TRUE: It is illegal for the OWNER to allow you to smoke in these premises

So smoke everywhere you like and the most that can happen is the owner can ask you to stop. He is not a policeman, he has no legal powers to physically stop you smoking and no one can be prosecuted for smoking a cigarette in a smoke free area*

For example, it is not permitted for BT to allow smoking in their phoneboxes, but it is THEIR responsibility to stop you from smoking in one.

I make a habit of lighting up everywhere and simply waiting to be told politely to go outside. I've been abroad you see......

* You can where naked flames are banned, for example a Petrol Refinary or inside an aircraft.

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Friday, 26 February 2010

When does this stop?

I am sick to death of being told what the law is by people who have no idea of the law yet are being paid by me to uphold the law.

Modern Britain

Belgium gets nasty

Upset by being called a "non country", the good people of Paedo paradise, police corruption and unaudited EU non jobs for life have taken revenge on Nigel Farage. Please feel free to insult Belgium as much as you like in the comments

Hat tip to the marxist scum at Liberal Conspiracy

++ Ladbrokes closes bets on March Election++

Labour voters in Bradford hand in their postal votes last month

March 25th looks good

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tobacco Peddlers or Pederasts?

Uproar in France today, as the group 'Droits des Non Fumeurs' - DNF reveal their new anti-smoking advertisement.

The visual and written allusion to forced oral sex by the hand placed on the head, and the cigarette appearing to emerge from the fly area of the adult male is reinforced by the accompanying slogan reading 'smoking is the worst submission'.

The French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot, has described the advertisements as 'innappropriate' at a time when the French parliament is in the middle of passing a law cracking down on online paedophilia.

Family Minister, Nadine Moranao, has called for the advertisements to be banned on public taste grounds.

Yves Trevilly, the French spokesman for British American Tobacco in France, has denounced the advertisement for effectively branding tobacco sellers 'paedophiles or rapists'.

Strong passions - it seems that France is about to enter a period of vicious infighting between the righteous who denounce tobacco and those who support a major French industry, in which a 'below the belt' advertisement is not considered 'below the belt'.

How many dead Andy?

Now we find out why Andy "Mascara" Burnham doesn't want an enquiry into Staffs Health Trust


Thanks for the tip off to the Slog

Help stop it now …

Guest post by Daed Parrot

BULLYING SHATTERS LIVES – Help stop it now …

The sea of human misery is increasingly deluged by the bitter torrents of bullying in our otherwise wonderful, modern, new-labour society. Listen to these tragic stories, if they touch your heart, help protect the future victims of bullying and take action now.

Gordon’s story

Gordon is a disabled scotchman who was partially blinded in a tragic sporting accident. He has been living in London for several years on measly MP expenses and is so poor, he has to share the funding of his three houses with the taxpayer and he even has to share the costs of cleaning his third house with his impoverished brother, who works as a senior executive for an oil company.

Let him describe his experiences:

“I was called ‘psychologically flawed’ by the Blair gang and for years they mentally abused me by repeatedly refusing to let me be Unelected Prime Minister. Until it happens to you, you don’t realise the hurt it causes, I even made mistakes at work like giving away all of our gold, messing up the financial system and creating the worst recession any western country has experienced. Others even said I was a useless Prime Minister, it’s OK for them, they don’t hate the British people and they don’t have a country to ruin …”

Gordon has been traumatised by these appalling acts and sadly has become a bully himself, please help him by voting him into a retirement home at the next election.

Toni’s story

Toni used to be a happy-go-lucky straight kinda guy. With a ready smile and sympathetic eyes, he was the “nice boy next door” kinda guy who was adored by everyone … well you get the idea. In 1997, he suffered a terrible accident of a “landslide victory”, things were never the same after this. Poor Toni’s life was ruined when the neighbours from hell, the Brown Whelan gang, moved in next door. He was frequently taunted, they frequently hurled many insults at him and his joyful friend Peter. They even applied peer pressure on the rest of their Labour club friends until everyone in the Labour club was calling poor Toni horrible words like “smarmy”, “phoney Toni”, the list of these appalling abuses is long and some cannot be repeated here. The inevitable happened, once-sweet Toni turned to crime such as lying to start a war which caused tens of thousands of civilian deaths, stealing billions from taxpayers and giving it to anyone who proved they were crooked, even to the EU neighbours. Various other disorders have set in, such as attending funerals of women he doesn’t know and crying “She was the peoples’ …” and some witnesses allege that he even pretended to be an international peace-maker somewhere in the Middle-East.


Toni’s wife Cherree is also a lovely person and has a notable winning smile. She works as a 24-hour mum, as a humble millionaire lawyer and also as a struggling ghost-written-for-writer. She was cruelly accused of being a stuck-snob up and a sponger. These comments hurt her deeply and drove her into a dark depression. She developed various behavioural disorders such as sponging off people even more, dabbling in hippy mystic meg-ism, buying millions of pounds worth of properties and she even felt forced to charge a fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a charity. Sadly her traumas worsened and she eventually turned to crime; she was seen taking thousands of pounds worth of clothing from an upmarket clothes shop in Australia without paying, taking some expensive jade jewellery from China without paying and she was even not arrested and not charged for evading a train fare at Blackfriars station. Imagine her despair when she sees normal, happy, lucky fare dodgers being prosecuted and punished while she doesn’t even get arrested, it must be heartbreaking.

How you can help Toni and Cherree

Toni and Cherree are now living the life of Reilly in undreamed of luxury and are ecstatically happy. Their children get the best education and the choicest top jobs available in the western world (as a result of Toni’s Iraq-War friendships).

Toni and Cherree need your help, please press your MP for an Iraq/credit crunch/other stuff treason trial and for an investigation into a certain MP’s shredded expenses.

But wait …
Beware of Fake Bullies!

Yes, it is hard to believe but bullies actually pretend to be a victim themselves.


Walter appeared to be a harmless elderly man and loyal Labour supporter. But this was a fake veneer to hide his bullying tendencies, he viciously cried “Rubbish” at the back of a Labour rally. The real victim was the fearless crusader, Jock Straw, whose father was a famous war hero coward. Jock bravely endured this single quiet comment with the same stoicism and courage shown by his father.

As a result, the bully Walter was promptly thrown out of the hall by many security staff and police, with the help of the Terrorism Act. It is shocking to read that some gutter journalists actually think Walter was the victim and that saintly Jock Straw was the bully.

Please help poor Jock by voting him out of office so that he can concentrate his lawyerly skills on suing Walter.


And there are many shocking examples of fake-bully-victims, what about unrepentant fake-victim Pam, who, just because she was horribly injured in the Paddington rail crash, had the nerve to mildly rebuke the Labour government. She fully deserved the full weight of Noo-Labour’s kangaroo justice when it hit her. The selfless noo-labour spin workers, such as Peteh Mandelson and Alleystare Campbell et al., heroically smeared her with justifiable lies (in a politically correct way of course).

Girl at the cenotaph

Yes, they all LOOK harmless don’t they, either young and vulnerable, or old and frail or even injured. But don’t let appearances deceive you. You will will be appalled to hear that an innocent looking girl read out a list of the Iraq war dead near the Cenotaph in an intmidating and provocative way. Sensible observers were relieved when a large whit police van arrived withing minnutes and thanks to our barve politicised police ( (C) ACPO) this vile fake-victim was immediately arrested making our streets safe once agian. Of course we must also thank our prescient, freedom-loving legislators for bringing in that wonderful body of anti terrorist law which allows such prompt action to be taken.

Taken from the comments at Guido

Good for FUCK ALL - by Stanislav


These fuckers should be hung up from a lamp post and spat at,

instead they are stuffing their faces and shitting in ours. Alan Milburn, former layabout, amazingly became health secretary, resigned to patch up his common-law marriage, cops a hundred grand a year for "advising" firms trying to privatise many aspects of the NHS. Also drawing a full-time salary as a part-time MP.

NewLabour's Health Secretaries have turned the NHS auxiliaries into paupers, the greedy bastard doctors into idle, dirty tyrants, abandoning their patients to shell-shocked, European locums, the managers into millionaires and the hospitals into full-steam ahead extermination camps for the vulnerable.

Frank Dobson, old Labour stooge, willingly pissed about and shafted by Blair, resigned as Health Secretary to contest London Mayoral election with Ken Livingstone. As if.

Blair had, by appealing to his beardy vanity, removed him from cabinet, leaving room for shits like Milburn. Chump. Not fit to run a St John's Ambulance Tent.

Alan Postman, when health secretary, presided over massive spread of hospital acquired infections, see stanislav, Alan Johnson's Disease. I mean, just look at him.

Glasgow John Reid, thug, drunk, bully, liar, sexual predator - see Reid, Dawn Primarolo - Trotskyist, describes himself as one of Labour's Big Men, Aye, right; horrible little shit, pothead; claimed, when Defence Secretary, that Tommy wouldn't face a shot fired in anger in Afghanistan. Was never anywhere long enough to cop any flak, a sort of a peripatetic minister for bruising. Now full-time Chairperson of Glasgow Celtic Sectarian Football Club, a paid consultant to Securicor and drawing full-time salary as part-time MP. Cunt. Utter cunt, One of the worst of a very bad bunch.

Patsy Leatherface Hewitt, former Kinnock Babe, married to a judge, son's a junky; gobby, patronising, useless career shitbag, jointly responsible with the Postman for national epidemic of HAIs, deaths of hundreds, thousands. Couldn't even see to it that the hospitals were as clean as the local chippy. Wouldn't wanna eat round her gaff. Now working full-time for Boots the Chemists, honest, not invent, and drawing full-time salary as part-time MP.

Not very handy Andy Bubbles, incumbent health secretary, good at saying this is unacceptable and accepting it, Oxbridge, Oxbridge and useless, one of Incapability Brown's bunker barrel scrapings, currently working on strategy for personal care for the elderly - other, we presume than killing them off in NHS hospitals staffed by babbling, hatchet-faced, money-grubbing, pinstripe Rotarians. Lord, have mercy, that our twilights be crafted by such as these. Up against the wall, motherfuckers.

But the worst, the very worst of it, what is unspeakable and unthinkable and intolerable is that people, relatively unsophisticated, came back from Europe and the Pacific and wandered around their bombed-out homes and communities and for themselves and for the dead voted for something different; emaciated POWs, miraculaously surviving the Nasty Nips' work camps, frightened and traumatised, their mates beheaded and starved, voted for something different. And they built houses and they built factories and they suffered rationing and delay and privation but they banished rickets and for a time, unemployment and hunger. And the schools worked. And there were to be pensions, at sixty and sixty five. And health care, from cradle to grave.

The people bootstrapped themselves, from shattered, ruined communities, they built homes and hospitals and futures, when lesser people might have merged into, gone along with an uber-Europe, as had the French and the Dutch and the Danes and the Poles and the rest, these people, scorned by Uncle Sam, drip-fed a little aid , a little materiel, a few rusty ships, these people kept the world free and now they and their children enter hospitals built with their taxes and are murdered; their leaders, standing on the shoulders, but shitting in the faces of the post-war reformers, too busy fellating Russian gangsters in Strasbourg, oil billionaires in Kabul, treat them with contempt, No, they shriek, we must have more, the Kinnocks, the Blairs, we must have more, how else will you attract people of our calibre, unless we have more and more and more.

They have now betrayed everything for which people fought and died and went without; all must work harder, for longer and for less, the state must see your papers, embed your papers in your skin, the electronic tattoo of the untermenschen; the state must control your children, your diet, your leisure, your habits, your drink, your drugs; the state can now arrest you for an infinite number of crimes against it, even against other states which you have never visited; can photograph you, though you may not photograph it; can enter your home, though you may not know where it lives or how much you pay for its residences.

We live in a Nazi state, our SS shoot us at will, whip our women with batons, corral and batter our children as they fight for their Earth, protect with phalanxes of sharpshooters, behind walls of steel the smirking Earthcriminals, visiting Airstrip One and its ingratiating, stuttering, degenerate, fuckwit leadership; the slow or the feeble are beaten to the ground for their tardiness, their killers promoted, bemedalled. Split-second decision, protecting us from Alky Aida, or AQ, owe them a great debt for their magnificent professionalism in whipping and electrocuting and shooting innocent civilians, Iron Cross First Class, at the very least.

The news of the HospitalCrime should give us all pause. Lots, I know, think that the shouty reaches of cyberspace deal in hyperbole, entertaining but essentially just rhetoric, no business like show business. They are wrong.

That old people go into hospital, die through avoidable neglect, indifference and cruelty and that those paid to ensure the opposite happens receive golden handshakes, peerages and yet more positions of responsibility, this is not hyperbole, this is organised crime, this is not a government at its fag-end, part of the merry-go-round of party politics preached by shitbags like the self-fellating Mr Nick Robinson, this is much worse; sharpen your sticks, fill your cupboards, buy some seeds and get tough, this is Ruin.

Call me Ishmael

OH UPDATE: Now we know why Andy doesn't want an inquiry

Idle parenting means happy children

Manifesto of the idle parent

  • We reject the idea that parenting requires hard work
  • We pledge to leave our children alone
  • That should mean that they leave us alone, too
  • We reject the rampant consumerism that invades children from the moment they are born
  • We read them poetry and fantastic stories without morals
  • We drink alcohol without guilt
  • We reject the inner Puritan
  • We fill the house with music and laughter
  • We don't waste money on family days out and holidays
  • We lie in bed for as long as possible
  • We try not to interfere
  • We push them into the garden and shut the door so that we can clean the house
  • We both work as little as possible, particularly when the kids are small
  • Time is more important than money
  • Happy mess is better than miserable tidiness
  • Down with school
  • We fill the house with music and merriment

Babies should "be given to stupid fat old women who can't be bothered with them… leave the children alone. Pitch them out into the streets or the playgrounds, and take no notice of them." - DH Lawrence

Perfect. Do read the whole article, especially if you have children, a Wii, a BMW and have ever spent good money visiting Disneyland.

Herman Who?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Help Yourself

Click to enlarge

Just been looking through the EU site that shows where "grants" are made - hasn't been updated since September though - HERE

Go on, get stuck in. You wouldn't believe where the unelected and the unaccountable can throw your hard earned money. 17 BILLION handed out in 2008 alone.

My favourite so far? 80,000 euros to the Pakistan Folklore Society. For "Restoring dignity amongst indigenous desert border communities".


Just click on 2008 and hit search. 2nd biggest recipient was ...........a train line in France (cost 147 MILLION euros). We really do need a revolution.

UPDATE: Fuck me. 3.5 MILLION to replace a "team leader" on the "economic development of the Turkish Cypriot Community"

I'm in the wrong business!

UPDATE2: Get the full rules of how to get YOUR hands on some the 975 BILLION Euros they are handing out to all and sundry HERE (pdf)

UPDATE3: Yay! 85 MILLION euros is up for grabs in 2010 for "Security and Safeguarding Liberties"! fucking GET IN. Chicken Dinners all round!

Utter Madness - And We Have To Pay For It!

Such a Shame - You'll Need A Bigger TV in Your New Home!

How on earth has it come to pass that an illegal immigrant with no rights whatsoever to be here is getting over a thousand quid a month in benefits and is being given a nice four bed-roomed house at our expense?

Not to ask the question of how she manages to acquire a huge TV and loads of additional creature comforts...

The Penguin.

Anger Management

I notice with interest and a little irony that Ed Balls introduced a compulsory anger management course for unruly children under Section 154 of the Education and Skills Act 2008

Details here

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

do you want to become an MP?

We want MPs who have real experience of life and are independently minded.

Any elected person must however support the issues highlighted in their manifesto if that is what they have been elected on.

We have therefore put together a manifesto of topics that the electorate want to see enacted but which the traditional parties do not support.
Our MPs will enable legislation on these proposals but they will only become law if an authorising referendum of the people endorses them. This gives power right back to the people.

We want to give the people the opportunity to make these things happen:

· Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU

· Setting up an English Parliament on English matters

· Reducing the number of MPs by a third (from 650 to 433)

· Changing Commons elections to proportional representation

· Requiring referendums on petition by 5% of the electorate

· Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure

· Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking

· Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage

· Sentencing violent criminals to 'army style' punishment

· Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average

· Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens

· Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

· Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control

· Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging

Do you agree that the people have a right to be consulted on these issues?

Amazingly neither of the two main traditional parties does. If you believe in these ideas then go to the Jury Team website and help us to make them a reality.

Let's all work together to make the changes this country desperately needs.

Vote for change or stop complaining.

Yours sincerely


Sir Paul Judge

Founder of the Jury Team

Gordoom Promises Tax Breaks For Business

Seems Jonah will promise anything to anyone at anytime to try and get a favourable headline or response.

"Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, who unveiled a new "Tax Framework for Business" at a global trade and investment conference in London, have been blasted for making empty promises and "ignoring" business fears over the UK tax system.

The prime minister, who opened the conference designed to boost international business confidence in Britain, told the audience of 250 directors and entrepreneurs that their importance would be reflected "when reviewing, revising and developing business tax policy".

At the conference the Prime Minister repeated the Government's commitment to high speed broadband. He told the audience that the Government would invest £1bn to extend superfast broadband to "120pc or 130pc of the population." He also promised to spend £14bn on projects such as Crossrail, high speed rail and motorways.

Other measures pledged by Jonah at the conference included:

  • An "Investors' Charter" - a series of promises from the UK Government centred on "maintaining Ed Ball's pension pot" included pledges to "enhance Yvette's bedroom techniques"; "develop a third home for them closer to Whitehall" and "make sure he has 24 hour police protection."
  • A pledge to form the UK innovation Investment Fund to benefit Pie and Sandwich shops on Industrial Estates.
  • A commitment to improve access to visas to foreign criminals wanting to come to the UK to benefit from greater opportunity and comfy prisons.
The Penguin

Avert your gaze from your rulers

Guest Post by Liberal England

The police campaign against amateur photographers is still in full swing. Yesterday's Guardian reported that:
Police questioned an amateur photographer under anti-terrorist legislation and later arrested him, claiming pictures he was taking in a Lancashire town were "suspicious" and constituted "antisocial behaviour".
This is despite promises last year from senior officers last year that the police would scale down their use of anti-terrorist legislation, such as Section 44 of the act, after a series of high-profile cases in which photographers said they had been harassed by police for taking innocuous images in the street.

As Random Blowe says of this case:
it seems apparent that the photographer was targeted for knowing his rights and choosing to exercise them. Having failed to get what they wanted under one piece of legislation, they simply picked another - as if the law is a armory of weapons against the public that can be dipped into whenever police officers want to get their own way.
If you are concerned about this issue you should watch the video of an interview with Pauline Hadaway on the WORLDbytes site. Hadaway is director of the photography gallery Belfast Exposed and author of Policing the Public Gaze, which was published by the Manifesto Club.

In the interview Joe Earle asks Pauline Hadaway to explain more. We learn how in the past subjects were not allowed to gaze upon the king and with the advent of cheap cameras many feared women and the lower orders snapping away. The muddled authoritarianism today she tells us, which restricts our right to look, is born of a more pernicious distrust and impedes our rights as citizens.

OH UPDATE: You will note from the video that the photographer uses his knowledge of common law and does not stand under his rights as a Free Man. I suspect he will be receiving a nice fat cheque from the taxpayer to compensate him.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Quote of the Day

PREVENTING and tackling bullying remains a priority for this government. We have committed around £3.7 million this year to anti-bullying programmes.- Gordon Brown 13th December 2009

Sunday, 21 February 2010

++EDL Leaders arrested, homes raided by armed Police++

some vicious EDL thugs yesterday

I note with interest that the leaders of the English Defence League were arrested by Police yesterday as they made their way to a peaceful static protest in the city of Edinburgh.

Their homes were then raided by armed Police and computer equipment removed.

Just one day after the Police were instructed to "get tough" with people who demonstrate peacefully against the Islamification of Great Britain.

Speaking before the demonstration Supt Lesley Clark, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We will facilitate peaceful protest and we are confident we have contingency plans in place to respond promptly to any emerging issues.

"Contingency Plans". Interesting turn of phrase. Perhaps I can assist the good Constabulary of Edinburgh with a guide to the law regarding static protests.

What they do to the EDL today, they will do to the rest of us tomorrow.

UPDATE from Liberties Alliance

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Heseltine Calls It for the 'Sick Of All Of You Party'

No man (or woman) has the divine right to rule other than by the consent of the public. Michael
Heseltine has called time on Cameron just walking it
without any plan other than 'Hey- I'm sort of great and it is my time to sit in the big chair'

The analysis will throw High Tories like Iain Dale into a tailspin, who believe that just showing up as the 'natural leadership' instead of this Darien Government will clinch it.

In thirty five years of following politics, I have never seen the electorate in either such despairing apathy, or outright rage with the two and a half party fit up that has prevailed since 1945, that has ended with the last 'Rotten Parliament'.

When have we ever had a Prime Minister having to defend himself in public against temper tantrums and accusations of physical violence.

There are huge threads of political opinion in the country that are just not reflected in what
passes for our representative Democracy.

The 646 have sat and feasted on the fat of the land whilst letting the country slide industrially, socially and militarily.

Armageddon is upon them coupled with a double dip recession in the offing.

For the public it is payback time.

++Blair to doorstep++

Mr Brown confirmed that Tony Blair will be campaigning with him in Labour's general election campaign.

'I'm very pleased that Tony Blair will be helping us', he said.

'We campaigned as New Labour and then governed as New Labour.'

'Now having governed as New Labour we're going to campaign as New Labour.'

JOY. Please come to a town near me Tony, I DARE you.

Our record - By Labour

“Labour needs to ensure that the next election is not seen as a referendum on the government,”

Just to remind us what 13 years of power can do (cut out and keep edition):

Ballot Boxes are interfered with

Voting registers go missing

The Police can kill innocent people and get away with it

The state can kill people and get away with it

You can be put in prison for 42 days on pure suspicion

You can be put in prison indefinitely on the word of a politician

The State can torture people

Your children are monitored at School by Political Officers

Their behaviour is logged on a State database for their entire lives

Your innocent fingerprints, iris scans and biometrics are held by the State

You do not have the right to remain silent

You are watched on 4 million CCTV cameras

You may not photograph the Police

The media is controlled by the State

You do not have the right to protest peacefully

Curfews exist for entire communities

Your travel movements are logged and monitored

Who you vote for is logged and monitored

Your shopping habits are studied and logged by the State

Your emails and telephone conversations are recorded by the State

Your passport can be withdrawn at the whim of the State

Government agencies can use lie detector tests on you.

- £22,500 of debt for every child born in Britain

- 111 tax rises from a government that promised no tax rises at all

- The longest national tax code in the world

- 100,000 million pounds drained from British pension funds

- Gun crime up 57%

- Violent crime up 70%

- The highest proportion of children living in workless households anywhere in Europe

- The number of pensioners living in poverty up by 100,000

- The lowest level of social mobility in the developed world

- The only G7 country with no growth this year

- One in six young people neither earning nor learning

- 5 million people on out-of-work benefits

- Missing the target of halving child poverty...

- Child poverty rising in each of the last three years instead

- Cancer survival rates among the worst in Europe

- Hospital-acquired infections killing nearly three times as many people as are killed on the roads

- Falling from 4th to 13th in the world competitiveness league

- Falling from 8th to 24th in the world education rankings in maths

- Falling from 7th to 17th in the rankings in literacy

- The police spending more time on paperwork than on the beat

- Fatal stabbings at an all-time high

- Prisoners released without serving their sentences

- Foreign prisoners released and never deported

- 7 million people without an NHS dentist

- Small business taxes going up

- Business taxes raised from among the lowest to among the highest in Europe

- Tax rises for working people set for after the election

- The 10p tax rate abolished

- The ludicrous promise to have ended boom and bust

- Our gold reserves sold for a quarter of their worth

- Our armed forces overstretched and under-supplied

- Profitable post offices closed against their will

- One of the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe

- The ‘Golden Rule’ on borrowing abandoned because it didn’t fit

- Police inspectors in 10 Downing Street

- Dossiers that were dodgy

- Mandelson resigning the first time

- Mandelson resigning the second time

- Mandelson coming back for a third time

- Bad news buried

- Personal details lost

- An election bottled

- A referendum denied.

New Labour. Stamping on the faces of the many, not just the few. Forever.

PS “A future fair for all” is an anagram of “Our fearful fat liar”

Friday, 19 February 2010

The eyes have you.

Big Maaa is watching you.

(Picture re-educated from here.)

Cameras in your home, watching your every move, controlled remotely by some secretive and fervent drooling pervert with a nine-pack-a-day man-size tissue habit.

It can't happen. Nobody is going to let any authority do it. If they tried it we'd just tape over the cameras and pretend there was a technical problem. There is no way anyone will voluntarily allow a camera in their homes unless they are certain they control it themselves.


Bought a new laptop recently? Look at the top of the screen. Most of them have a built-in webcam but that's no problem. It's your webcam. You control it.

That's what these American kids thought when they received shiny Mac computers to help with their schoolwork. It never occurred to them that the donors of those laptops might have installed software to allow the cameras to be accessed remotely. Who would imagine such a thing? They are educational tools, nothing more.

Well, turns out they were a little more after all.

The district retained remote control of the built-in webcams installed on the computers – and used them to capture images of the students, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court this week.

The ruse was revealed when Blake Robbins, a student at Harriton high school, was hauled into the assistant principal Lindy Matsko's office, shown a photograph taken on the laptop in his home and disciplined for "improper behaviour".

Improper behaviour - in his own home! The kid was disciplined for something he did in private, at home, when he thought nobody was watching. What he did must be left to the imagination of the reader, but whatever it was it wasn't illegal. If it was illegal the police would have been involved. No, he did something in his own home which Big Brother deemed inappropriate. Big Brother was watching. Through a webcam this kid thought he had control over.

My computer has no camera attached. I have a laptop with a lid camera but it's no use to me so there's a bit of tape over it. Paranoid? Read the article again. I'm no computer wiz. I can't tell if that camera is on or not. There's no indicator light. I can't tell if there is software pre-installed that runs it. I can't tell if that software is running or not.

Keep in mind that this kid was shown a photo of this 'improper behaviour' when the school hauled him into Room 101. Then read the last paragraph:

"The district never activated the security feature for any other purpose or in any other manner whatsoever," he wrote. "We regret if this situation has caused any concern or inconvenience among our students and families."

They claim the webcam control is to catch someone who has stolen the laptop. They claim they have never used it for any other purpose. Yet they showed this kid a photo of whatever he was up to. The doublethink here is impressive. We say it didn't happen so it didn't happen, and it can't have happened because we say so, but the punishment stands because he was caught and we have the proof in the form of surveillance we are not doing.

There are already cameras in most homes. Eye toys, TVs which can be controlled by waving at the installed cameras, and so on.

Who's watching at the other end?

We'll find out when they ban smoking, then drinking, then fatty foods in the home.

Shot Yourself In The Foot Again, Jonah!

Top Shagger Thomas Legg

I am mightily amused by the story on Coffeehouse about the disgusting hypocrite Harriet Harpy and how she has prevented Sir Thomas Legg-over from pontificiating over the MP's expense claims rejected by the Fee-ble Office.

Considering what they accepted as being "within the rules" I think it would have been highly entertaining as well as informative to find out what the cunts were trying on but not getting away with.

However, the thing that amused me (apart from the embarrassment that must accrue to the old bitch) is that it seems "Sir" (John) Thomas was infamous in his previous incarnation as Permanent Secretary at the Lord Chancellor’s Office for over-stepping his remit.

And yet Jonah chose this safe pair of hands to investigate the stinking dunghill of MP's expenses.
No wonder Jonah has to watch his back for fear of aggrieved victims of Legg-over getting direct revenge.

The Penguin

Freeman Update

Many of you have requested an update as to my Freeman on the Land status, so I feel it fair to tell you how it is progressing.

As explained HERE, I have absolutely no idea where this will lead, although my hopes lie with a life free of State Interference.

1 - The BBC. As you will know, the BBC is a corporation and extracts operating funds from the issue of licences to own and operate a television that can receive broadcasts in real time. i politely sent a letter to Sir Michael Lyons, the head of the BBC telling him that he was a traitor for accepting EU funds and had broken his royal charter. As a traitor, I am lawfully obliged to offer him no assistance at all. In fact, it is a criminal offence. Oh, and I don't want the BBC in my house, haven't asked for it, do not require it and could he please stop broadcasting it to me. I don't want it and have never signed anything saying I did. Works for Virgin and Sky.

Two weeks later, the three loud knocks at the front door. A man from another private company demanding to see my TV licence. "I can see your telly through the window" he yelled through the door. "How do you know it's mine?" I answered. "Let me in" he requested. "Get off my property" I replied. "I'm allowed to knock on the door" he said. "No, you are not. there is no implied access here. I'm allowed to let my dog out on my own property too" I replied

Whoosh...he was gone.

I now expect a summons for owning a TV without a licence. I do not deny owning one. I will take my day in court, defending myself under common law, as a Freeman on the Land. I shall make public the hearing and you can all come and watch if it works or not. then you can decide if YOU want to keep funding Johnathon Ross and champagne for Bruce Forsyth or not. Under threat of gaol.

Meanwhile, here's a Freeman having some fun in court after being summonsed for not paying his council tax

TOP TIP: Get a few copies of your Birth Certificate. Anytime a state Official wishes to speak with Mr Old Holborn, I simply hand them a copy and tell them to get on with it. I am Old of the Holborn family, and the State does not own me regardless of what it may think.

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