Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to conquer a country with not a shot fired


If you want to own someone, put them in your debt. Enslave them. Own their labour and you own them.

In a week where a mad man went on the rampage at what he saw was an ever encroaching threat to his way of life, I am simply stunned to read this quote from Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Finance Minister

“A state with problems, that receives help, must be willing to give some of its sovereign rights to the EU.”
Already, the citizens of Portugal, Ireland and Greece are beholden to external, unelected powers in the form of bankers and the European Central Bank. They MUST form political policies as dictated by the holders of their debt or face ruin. And now, the Minister of the country currently robbing its own citizens to buy up the debt of other countries is indicating that yet more power should be ceded to the creature that created the mess in the first place. The EU.

What couldn't be achieved through war, will be achieved through debt slavery. Not hyperbole. Not scaremongering. But part of the "plan" for European Union.

Yesterday, Anders Breviek stated through his lawyer that in 60 years time, the people would thank him. I really, really hope he isn't correct.

Monday, 25 July 2011

If you rob people of their identity...all they are left with is nationalism and violence

This is the third time I’ve tried to write a blog post regarding the atrocity in Norway. It isn’t easy because, if I’m completely honest, I cannot understand why it didn’t happen sooner.

The internet is alive with Europeans spouting the same fears of Islamisation invading the West. The English Defence League was founded on fears of Islamisation, choosing to march instead of picking up arms, but the sentiment is still there.

The left cast aside the cultures of the indigenous without imposing the same values on the new arrivals, and were simply too scared of faux vilification to mention that the values of Islam are incompatible with modern Western democracies.

We were warned on numerous occasions. From Jack Straw spilling the beans on raping Muslims to John Ried, the then Home Secretary being told to get out of a Muslim Area in the UK. The public was concerned and in return, was told it was racist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, bigoted.

Remember Brown being forced to apologise and losing the election because he deemed the genuine concerns of a citizen to be nothing but the rantings of a “bigoted woman”?

The left will scream at the right, the BBC have already accused Anders B of being a Libertarian (nothing could be further from the truth) and panic levels will rise that a new Nationalist White Supremacy Army is on the rise. Measures and restrictions will be brought in to put the lid back on Pandoras box and proclamations of “all is well, he was a lone nutter” will ring out. Meanwhile, the serving of Halal meat to UK school children will continue, mothers will continue to send their 13 year old daughters back to Pakistan to marry their cousins and radical Islam will continue to spread as we pointlessly bomb their children back into the stone age in Afghanistan.

I’m not a nationalist, I don’t do flag waving or sing the national anthem. I’m happy for people to live their lives as they see fit as long as they do not adversely affect the lives of others. Anders B believed, rightly or wrongly, that the lives of his countrymen was being negatively affected by the refusal of Politicians to address his fears. In his eyes, he is a Christian Martyr, and will happily play his role. No different to the swivel eyed Islamoloon that will fly an aircraft into a building to preserve his way of life or stop the ever encroaching West from adversely affecting his fellow countrymen.

The most interesting, and perhaps telling event in the whole saga is that Anders B did not attack Muslims. He didn’t wander through the new Muslim ghettos of Oslo created by Politicians spraying the burqa clad masses with machine gun fire. He decided another generation of Politicians would not be allowed to do the same and chillingly executed those he suspected of selling “his country” to more of the same in the next 40 years.

The next time the people call our Politicians traitors, it might be wise of them to listen a little harder before simply dismissing them as “bigots”.

The Mayor of Oslo has bravely declared that he will fight this attack with “more democracy, more transparency”. Perhaps if a little more democracy had been in place, last Fridays dreadful events would never have taken place.

I quote Nigel Farage.

"If you rob people of their identity...all they are left with is nationalism and violence"

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dear Government

Animal EU Farm

Today will see the German taxpayers once again slaughtered to worship the Holy Grail of "economic and political union" within the EU. Hardworking, educated Northern European citizens will be forced to cover the promises of useless Socialist politicians who saw entry to the Eu and Euro as nothing more than a cash cow to be milked for more votes. And it worked. The cash flowed, melon farmers grew rich and the bloated public sectors gleefully retired at 50 whilst their Northern counterparts were told they may not retire until their late 60's.

France, with perhaps the largest vested interest in economic union and Germany, the largest producer of things people actually want to buy, will not allow their vision to fail. The banks and private investors, happy to lend an endless supply of cash to feckless politicians have point blank refused to take the losses, the citizens of impoverished countries are simply refusing to accept that a German can afford a BMW whilst they can't and Merckel refuses to let it go.

My prediction?

A few more riots in Spain and Greece, a bank levy to force banks to cover their own debts, Eurozone taxpayers handed the rest and the can will be kicked further down the road. Move along now, nothing to see here and a great deal of muttering from Northern European politicians and taxpayers.

All this cost, all this pain. For what? Why does Europe NEED a single currency? Well, it doesn't. It might help if you are trying to build an empire, and they certainly are but the main aim of the EU is the classic Fabian "equality for all".

Except we aren't equal. An educated German, with a work ethic will always produce more than a 14 year old goat herder in the Balkans. Yet under EU Socialism, all have the same value, all deserve the same prizes. Paid for, of course, by the educated German with a work ethic producing good quality products that people want to buy. Germanys success is being nationalised across the EU without anyone questioning WHY Germany is successful - because they WORK HARD at being successful.

I don't buy French cars, because they are shit - badly designed, badly made and forever breaking down. This, of course, makes me a thought criminal. There is no reason why a Frenchman cannot produce a car to the same standards as the Germans. Except he would have to be a German, think like a German, take pride like a German, be educated and qualified like a German. Not possible. He is French, drinks wine at lunch, insists his design for electronic fuel injection is better than any other established system in the world and refuses to work in the summer. Don't even start me on why the Greeks will never build a car. But French cars reach the same imposed EU "norm" as a German car, so MUST have the same value. Bumper tractor harvests all round.

And yet, the EU insists we are all the same. Our work, our ethics, our "value" and applys one single currency and one single political solution to us all, using our money to enslave us even more in the "four legs good" nightmare. Whilst working the Germans ever harder to pay for it all.

1984 failed when the wall came down. This IS Animal Farm - live.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rome can burn

So, it is all beginning to unravel. The cosy relationships between the Police, our ruling Elite and the Media barons is slowly being opened up for inspection and today will see another bent copper “resigning” after years of shitting in our faces.

Cameron, who “was destined to rule” simply because he could be manipulated by all and sundry is suddenly looking very unstable and may be forced out himself, much to the delight of the Left, who did exactly the same for the past 30 years, using the BBC, Guardian and Maxwell (yes, and Murdoch) to get what they wanted.

In a nutshell, we have the Press, the Police and the Politicians we deserve. We all knew what they were up to. Private Eye has been opening cans of worms since long before the Internet handed us the tools to do the job, yet for whatever reason, none of us was interested.

We simply sat back, looked at the tits on page 3, watched another episode of Eastenders and let them get on with it.

So what has changed? Well, nothing really. The “faux” outrage of other Media barons and the Left is merely positioning to ensure that their favoured elites are in place when push comes to shove.

Our MPs are still wined and dined by every vested interest Lobby group on the planet, our Police chiefs are still appointed by the very same people they are arresting and our Mainstream Media publishers still know they control the hand that feeds them.

Miliband is calling for stricter regulation of “large Media” yet is happy to watch the BBC remain a monolithic monopoly spouting Fabianism at those forced under threat of prison to pay for it all.

Meanwhile, our Politicians prepare us, the idiots paying for all this, to bail out yet another tranche of feckless bankers who lent the Politicians the money to promise us the Earth whilst failing to deliver anything but bankruptcy. Our enormous Armed Forces are still protecting the vested interests of anyone but us. Our hard earned money is still seen as a “Govt resource” to be tapped into whenever the unelected EU or UN or fake charity or Treasury decides your needs are secondary to theirs.

One thing is for sure. If we let these ashes give rise to another Phoenix of the same ilk, we will have missed the opportunity of a generation. The chance to get these parasites off our backs and out of our lives.

Now is the time to simply refuse to put up with more of the same. News International was brought to it’s knees in under a fortnight and yet we still pay 80p tax on a litre of petrol. The head of the Metropolitan Police is gone and yet our children will be forced to pay the debts of Greek Socialists.

If you have an ounce of Libertarianism in you, now is the time to throw off the chains that the last 70 years has encased us in. We allowed them to put us where we are, and I will not allow them to do it me again.

I will not be ruled by an “elite”, I will not be Policed by their “appointees” and I will not be fed information deemed” good for public consumption” by those who refuse to leave me alone, "for the greater good".

If the institutions that have enslaved us are really crumbling, do not expect me to mix the cement to rebuild them. Rome can damn well burn - and good riddance.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hackgate - the Movie

Strange that Rebekah Brook has been arrested by the Met (who are under investigation for corruption) *just* before she was due to tell Parliament all she knows. Now she claim subjudice and refuse to say a word.

Brilliant politics.

Friday, 15 July 2011

At last, an apology

We are sorry.

The Labour Party was in the business of holding citizens in a vice like Soviet grip, watching their every move, recording every phone call, reading every Email, taxing you all to death and stealing your wealth. It failed when it came to itself.

We are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred.

We are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered by the individuals affected.

We regret not acting faster to sort things out.

I realise that simply apologising is not enough.

Our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be abolished and no one should ever doubt the word of the Fabian BBC or the Grauniad. We need to live up to this. We tried by doing whatever powerful media barons told us to do as long as their media supported us and our quest for total and complete power over the individual citizen

In the coming days, as we take further concrete steps to resolve these issues and make amends for the damage they have caused, you will hear more from us. But there is absolutely NO FUCKING WAY we are paying back the money we handed over to our other friends, the bankers. Your kids can pay that back, suckers.


Gordon Brown.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Roll up, roll up...

The ingredients of total control

I don’t read the News of the World or the Sun because I’ve always found them boring. I have no interest in the contents of Jordons knickers or a desire to be kept closely informed about the sex lives of people who play football or act or sing badly. I rarely buy a newspaper because I prefer to read media from the Internet where I can be my own editor and tailor my consumption to what suits me.

It comes as little surprise that Murdoch became the ruthless Media baron he is. All he had to do was give the public what they wanted, tell them they wanted it and tell Politicians that he now controlled what the nation read and watched. Tits and scandal. Do as I say or you’ll be on the front cover next week, fuckers, ruined, discarded and finished

And in the rush to be “aligned” with the rabid consumers of tits and scandal, our Politicians looked to the circus master for guidance and advice on keeping the masses amused. Every policy change was checked and double checked that the 7 million readers of the News of the World would approve. Meanwhile, the circus master quietly collects the scandal to control the Politicians and keep his eager audience happy.

If you are shocked and appalled by the revelations that newspapers would rummage through bins, hack voicemails, open mails, steal evidence, hire criminals and corrupt the Police and Politicians to supply you with your fix of scandal, God forbid you ever find out how food reaches your table.

When Murdoch fails, we will simply promote another Circus Master to the ring, who in turn will do exactly the same. Throw innocents to the Lions for our amusement, whilst we fake surprise and horror from our front row seats. He will control the very people who make the laws we live under, he will manipulate and extort from the audience and we will sit back and let him. As long as he gives us tits and scandal.

To break the grip, we have to stop craving circuses.

We live in a new age of free voices. You too can add your comment to a million articles, start your own blog, scream and rant via twitter or facebook, select your consumption of news and media from a plethora of sources. The Circus is no longer the only show in town. Go out and find what suits you and starve the media beast of the one thing that put Murdoch in the position of power he holds over all of us. An audience.

Alas, I fear the majority will still be sitting in the big top gawping at Babara Windsor being spit roasted by two Premiership footballers when the whole thing burns down.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

From the ashes..

"We'll be taking all the files and shit we have on you and moving them to the Sun. Understand, bitch?"

Whilst the idiots that run our media and country are wandering around "dazed" that James Murdoch has announced he is closing the News of the World, all you have to look for is the devil in the detail.

And here it is. Dated 28th June 2011, from Rebekah Brooks herself.

"We will take a comprehensive look at where there is common ground across our titles and where we should remain unique.

Where there is common ground we will find ways of implementing efficiencies to editorial systems and processes and, where appropriate, we will find ways of introducing seven day working."

Calm down, carry on, all is well. Meanwhile, we need to name the bent coppers who took their money...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Eat it up

I suppose it had to be on the cards. Ever since the National Health Service was created by the State, the State had claimed ownership of your health, as well as your wealth. And it appears the health of the people of Hungary is costing the glorious State too much of their hard earned money.

So, from next year, you will now be taxed on what you smoke, drink AND EAT. Yup, Hungary is to introduce Europe's first "fat tax" on foods that might make you fat. If you eat too much of them.

people must choose healthy alternatives or the tax revenue will be high.

How about the state gets out of the health game? I didn't ask for an NHS, I'm not asked to contribute, I'm TOLD. And even IF I eat healthily, I will be taxed to pay for those who don't. No, they are not my responsibility and they are certainly not the responsibility of Government.

Keep the slaves fit, or fine them if they cannot work on the plantation for the Owner through their own "choices". Perfect. Work harder, faster, longer. Arbeit Macht Frei.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

Gissa Job

As regular readers will know, I am of the “no borders” Libertarian camp. Before the nationalists amongst you send me death threats or tell me we will be swamped by Muslim hoards, I’d like to explain.

If you believe, as I do, that the State is a false construct, then you also have to believe that the borders of a State are a false construct. A state cannot “own” property. It can certainly defend the individual property of a “collective “of citizens who have chosen to group together to defend their properties (quite rightly), but I see that as the only function of a “state”. In times of threat, protect the borders of our “collective” properties.

Today, will see “leaders” of the “State” demand that I employ not the best man for the job, but the man born within the borders of the State. Simple nationalist rhetoric designed to divide and rule. It suggests that those who are not “British” should have a lesser right to work than those who are. Deeply un- Libertarian. Deeply tribal and deeply divisive. As it is intended to be by our masters.

There is a simple reason your cleaner is Polish, the bus driver is Estonian, your waitress is Spanish and the road sweeper is Czech. They desire to earn money and do not qualify for welfare handouts from the State. There is a reason so many “British” citizens do not work as cleaners, bus drivers, road sweepers and waitresses. The State pays them not to, via our bloated welfare system.

Tax credits, council tax credits, free school meals, housing, dole, invalidity benefits, you name it. A British person cannot climb out of the carefully crafted bed of Socialism because to do so will inflict yet more poverty upon him. Like a slave deciding the plantation, a roof over his head, three square meals and a master that won’t beat him too often is a better option than the fearful territory of freedom, with rights and responsibilities, risk and reward.

The reason immigrants are queuing at Sangatte is not access to our benefits system, no matter what the Daily Mail tells you. They want access to our job markets that the State has decided cannot support the “British” worker, so pays him to stay at home watching Jeremy Kyle and X Factor all day. If you want to get rid of “immigrants”, stop paying millions of British to do nothing whilst the immigrants do the work we are paying the British NOT to do. Abolish minimum wage and the ridiculous benefits hammocks and let the market decide who can best do the job. Because if we keep producing citizens that are too stupid and lazy to function in society, there really is little point in defending the borders from those who can and will.

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